Freaky Friday – Virtual Tazer

Freaky Friday – Virtual Tazer

Oct 7, 2011

Oh tasers, you are the butt of so many jokes and the force by which police make YouTube stardom. In reality, these devices are loud, scary and can bring down even the largest body builder in a split second. These are iconic devices that deserve respect and careful handling. Sadly, the Virtual Tazer app walks all over that respect and puts this weapon in the hands of thousands, so to speak.

This app is simple in that it does one thing: displays a picture of a taser gun and emits some sort of ear bleeding noise while shaking the phone when activated. Essentially this app reduces this iconic device to a picture and terrible sound quality due to subpar speakers. Sadness.

Let’s face it, anyone that has heard a one hundred thousand volt stun gun knows the fear the crackling electricity emits and how unnerving the flow of power is on the visual senses. These are things that can clear a room faster than police at an underaged drinking party. So how does anyone think some cell phone is going to capture these two features, let alone freak anyone out? It may be possible during college keg parties, in the wee hours of the morning, like when everyone is on the verge of passing out. That is just too much to set up in order for this app to truly be useful.

Those that really want to scare off their bro in order to obtain the last Natty Ice should seek out the services of a costume shop and fake police badge. Besides, pulling a good prank is more enjoyable, and nobody ends up in the hospital. Nobody will fear that “deadly” HTC EVO 4G with the tinny external speaker and some terrible noise radiating from the device, just ain’t happening dude.