Virus Jiggling Fever Review

Virus Jiggling Fever Review

Jul 17, 2014

Don’t be mislead by the graphics or screenshots from this game. Old gamers, pay attention; this is a retro trip back to the eightes.


Virus Jiggling Fever is a very retro styled game on so many levels. In the game, players need to shoot a special bullet from te tower on the left side of the screen to the colored viruses on the right side of the screen. Those bullets have different kind of colors as well: green ones shoots a green virus and red ones shoots a red virus. When the players hits a virus, or the wall, the ceiling or floor, the bullet bounces back to the player – forcing them to use their shield to once again bounce the bullet back at one of the viruses, depending of the color of the bullet at that moment.

It may sound a bit complicated at first, but when one is playing the game everything speaks for itself, really. And that is, of course, a good thing. What is also a good thing, is the way the game is played. The character isn’t very flexibel, meaning he can only go up or down the ladder of the tower. But in this game, that is al it needs. It kinda reminded me of those old Game & Watch games from the eightes, where characters had pre-drawn sprites and could only move accordingly. It feels the same way to, so that are some massive points in terms of the retro feeling of the game.

But that is not the only thing the game does to reminds us of past video games. The graphics are Game Boy Color like, with minimal animations and bright colors. And the sounds and music – oh man, that music – it has written Game Boy all over it. And if I think about it, Virus Jiggling Fever could very well be a Game Boy Color game, with al the basics and aesthetics at the right place. Only in the wrong time. Nowadays, game producers can do so much more with graphics and gameplay, and a retro – no, just call it old fashioned in a good way – game like this, feels refreshing at some level.

But is the game any fun? That answer is undoubtetly yes. The controls may be a bit different; slow and not responsive at all, if you will. But thanks to the overall old fashioned feeling the game radiates, it is forgiven. Fever Jiggling Fever reminds me of the days of the Game & Watch and the Game Boy Color and, man, those were the days.