Vivid Games is back with Real Boxing Manny Pacquiao

Vivid Games is back with Real Boxing Manny Pacquiao

Apr 21, 2017

Vivid Games is no stranger to boxing games, and its latest Google Play entry definitely pays homage to one of the greatest ever.

Real Boxing Manny Pacquiao is out and ready for our playing pleasure.

If the trailer is to believed, we have a pretty fun-looking game that brings realistic-feeling action to the mobile screen.

In the feature-filled Real Boxing Manny Pacquiao players can compete in a variety of game modes. From kickstarting a boxing career in training mini-games, through comprehensive career mode, to dedicated Manny Pacquiao Challenges and online multiplayer Weekly Tournaments, every pugilism enthusiast will feel right at home. Packed with extra features and robust customization options, the game also offers Manny Pacquiao licensed boxing gear & exclusive in-game items to unlock.

It’s available to download for free; it also has in-app purchases.

Check out the trailer below:

Upcoming Game Highway Getaway Gets Release Date

Upcoming Game Highway Getaway Gets Release Date

Feb 27, 2017

We hear Vivid Games has a new one coming out quite soon.

Highway Gateway
combines racing elements with that of an endless runner; if the trailer is any indication, there should be plenty of slick animations and intense driving to be had.

The developer is also letting folks know that they can pre-register for the game right now; pre-registering for the game allows players to pick up unique goodies after launch.

Folks can pre-register HERE.

Yes… and the date, you ask? Highway Gateway drops on Google Play on March 9th.

We cannot wait.

Check out the trailer:

Upcoming Game Real Boxing 2 Gets New Gameplay Screenshots

Upcoming Game Real Boxing 2 Gets New Gameplay Screenshots

Aug 27, 2015

The recently announced Real Boxing 2 has new screens available for those eager to get a taste of the final product.

There’s also some news. Directly from the presser:

Players eager to get their hands on Real Boxing™ 2 early can join the Real Boxing™ 2 VIP Club for a chance to participate in the game’s beta. Doing so also secures a number of other benefits, including an a unique VIP Club-only gear set, exclusive starter bonus and a chance to unlock even more bonuses via achieving milestones

Screenshots are below:




And just in case you missed the trailer:

Real Boxing Review

Real Boxing Review

Feb 5, 2014

Real Boxing is a great looking take on the sweet science. But does it back those graphics up?

Real Boxing feels more like a game of Infinity Blade than a serious take on boxing. Rather than surgically dismantling an opponent, Real Boxing rewards well timed counter punching. Whenever an opponent swings at the player, a quick tap on a dodge button will see them duck away from the punch. This leaves the opponent open to devastating counter moves. There is a basic career mode on offer although it is simply a series of matches with no story or interesting twists. It feels very cut and dried. The only other mode is one off fights, either multiplayer or against the AI.

Screenshot_2014-02-03-17-58-04Real Boxing has a number of serious issues that really undermine what could have been an excellent game. For example the counter system is fundamentally broken as it stands. If the player manages to counter a punch from an opponent it is entirely possible for that opponent to counter the player’s counter, usually resulting in a unavoidable punch that renders the boxer dizzy, leaving them wide open to be pummeled until they hit the mat. This countering counter system is completely unfair as its impossible to know beforehand if an opponent will counter you and nigh on impossible to avoid since the attack comes out of nowhere.

The game is wildly unbalanced. At the start of career mode your boxer is just far too slow to dodge or react, let alone counter punch properly and his punches inflict almost no damage. Opponents on the other hand can definitely hurt you and can easily send you to the floor in 4 or 5 hits.

Screenshot_2014-02-03-17-57-38Real Boxing is extremely focused around a pay to win mechanic. The game features a gym to boost the boxer’s stats with some simple minigames, but the player must pay coins for these visits and they provide minuscule benefits. It can take multiple visits for a stat to rise a single percentage point. Free gym visits are offered every 5 fights but this is hardly compelling since it is nearly impossible to defeat an opponent anyway. The game also allows direct boosting of stats though large payments of coins which can be bought with real cash.

While the graphics are technically proficient, there is a startling similarity between boxers in Real Boxing. Rather than being individual people, it looks as though parts of boxers have been cut and pasted in random orders to create different people. A lot of the pugilists on offer look very similar and there are no licensed fighters. The much touted customization options don’t amount to much as they cost coins, which are much better spent training.

Real Boxing is not a fun game. Its punishing difficulty, lack of interesting play modes and annoying pay to win mechanics make it a frustrating experience.

Godfire: Rise of Prometheus Announced

Godfire: Rise of Prometheus Announced

Aug 29, 2013

A new 3-D action game has been announced for Android, utilizing Unreal Engine and an epic story about a wandering hero, battling against mythical beings of various aggressiveness. The game has an official web-site,, while its screenshots and description hint at a level of epicness, unmistakably similar to God Of War. Release date, and actual gameplay are yet to be revealed.


Speedball 2 Evolution Review

Speedball 2 Evolution Review

Aug 29, 2012

It’s almost appropriate that Speedball 2 Evolution has finally been released on Android, given that this futuristic bloodsport contains plenty of robotic players. A modern enhanced version of the classic Bitmap Brothers game, this takes the guts of soccer, ups the scoring, adds in bumpers and bonuses like pinball, along with the kind of extreme violence of football. Players can be killed outright. The only rule of Speedball 2 Evolution is that there are no rules, besides the ones that govern scoring! YEEEEEEEAHHHHH!

The game may be a couple decades old at this point, but it is still gleefully brutal fun. The controls have been simplified for mobile, where taps and holds on the screen perform all the actions, and movement is either through tilting or a virtual joystick. There’s a fun campaign mode whwre players earn money and fight their way through the ranks of the various Speedball leagues, taking on themed teams, like one named after metal singers. The developer Vivid Games is based in Poland, which explains the inclusion of a player named Nergal. I throw up the horns for that.

The problem with the game is really that it is too easy. Yes, players of the original are probably wondering what is wrong with me. But the mobile version is tuned to be much easier for the modern gamer. I’m fine with this, but the AI is just awful and easy to exploit. In fact, most goals are thanks to the AI being inspired by Leeroy Jenkins. Once it is discovered that they rarely go for the ramps that multiply points, it becomes easier to run up the score, and even if the player’s team is relatively outmatched, there’s still a fighting chance. It just takes a few matches to get used to, and boom, domination. I was clamoring for a harder difficulty, but none was to be had!

However, despite the game giving good players a sizable advantage, there’s still something so purely fun about smashing faces in a futuristic bloodsport. Just do expect a walk in the park.