PocketCloud Updates To Further Integrate Android with Desktop

PocketCloud Updates To Further Integrate Android with Desktop

May 18, 2011

PocketCloud will be updated soon with some features that really set it apart from the remote desktop competition. It’s already recognized as one of the best remote desktop apps, these new features make it even better.

Mount your Android device on your Windows Desktop – this feature will allow you to directly access your Android file system from your Windows desktop. Very convenient way to transfer files to and from your device when connected to a remote machine. With this feature you won’t need to go through a cloud storage provider like Dropbox, you just direct connect and drag and drop.

Stream remote audio and video directly to your Android device – this feature will automatically re-encode your media appropriate for the connection speed you have and stream it directly to your device. Some remote desktop devices try to stream video playing on the remote desktop, which rarely works well, especially over a 3G connection. This re-encode and stream solution should provide for a much more robust experience.

Remote printing – you will now be able to print from you Android device to any printer connected to any of the remote desktops you have connections to.

Bluetooth devices support – Bluetooth keyboard and mouse support turn your Android tablet into a mobile workstation.

These updates should be hitting soon. Keep an eye out as they make and already great remote desktop app even better. Wyse also showed us a few new features they are working on for future updates. These updates should take it up yet another huge notch.

PocketCloud is available on the Android Market in Paid and Free versions.