Swipe Tap Smash Review

Swipe Tap Smash Review

Jun 25, 2014

Swipe Tap Smash takes after the NES’ Super Smash Volleyball, which is one of those games that perhaps has been played by millions through random cartridges floating around. It was a pretty neat game, one that feels underrepresented by modern developers recreating retro games. But now, someone has, as an endless arcade game.

The title perfectly describes how it is played. One of the volleyballers sets the ball, the other sets it up high for a smash, which the player then swipes toward the ball, tapping to smash it on time. Each successful ball hit to the other side is worth a point in the game’s endless mode. A trick mode is available where various criteria, including hitting the ball quickly, and knocking over both opponents with a powerful smash, can award the player more points for their individual shots.


I think that perhaps the problem is that these two modes are in fact, entirely separate. The endless mode is solely about points; the trick mode about getting points on one shot. If they were combined, perhaps the game would be far more interesting. Having endless play, but also having a qualitative aspect to scoring in the endless mode, as opposed to just getting one point for each successful spike, would make things more interesting. I know that Flappy Bird got popular because of its scoring system being so simple, but not every game needs to use that.

And rally, it feels like this game could do a lot more with its concept. Why are the opponents so passive? Why not mix it up by having them potentially hit the ball back, forcing the player to react quickly? I don’t want to necessarily redesign this game, but it feels like there’s so much more that could be done here than what has actually been done. Which is a shame, really, because the idea is solid, the game is challenging enough as an arcade-style game. I like the model of only letting players score up to 10 until they have to pay for the whole game. The pixel art looks good, I like the idea, it just kind of feels like it could be so much more than what it currently is.