Voxel Invaders Review

Voxel Invaders Review

Jul 31, 2013

When it comes to arcade icons like Space Invaders, using hushed tones is very appropriate. That game was one of the granddaddies, and is still a favorite across generations. Voxel Invaders brings that exact type of fun to the Android screen.

The retro feel is underscored by the graphics. The 2D environment is presented in old-school format, with purposefully simplistic backgrounds and hues meant to emphasize visual color separation. The animations are relatively smooth within the design confines of the gameplay.

But yes… it’s quite okay to think of a specific arcade shooter of yester-years. Voxel Invaders has the same type of wave offense gameplay. Attack is the best form of defense; the lone ship starts out at the bottom of the screen, and waves of enemy ships appear directly in front, at the top. The main goal is to stay alive by clearing the voxel1enemy ships and avoiding return fire.

The ship itself shoots on its own, so dragging the ship with a finger gets it in position to be in front of an enemy ship. It also helps maneuver it out of the way of moving fire coming right at it. To begin, the waves were simple formations and the return fire is fairly slow and intermittent. As the game progresses, and waves are successfully cleared, the gameplay gets craftier, sending out sneakier gunfire, tougher enemy ships and more agressive formations. Enemy ships start coming forward faster, and shooting in multiple directions.

Thankfully, there are upgrades and powerups that somewhat help level the playing field. These usually appeared at tough spots, requiring a bit of danger to procure. There’s stuff like extra lives, invincibility, weapons upgrades and more

The game has three difficulty levels (Easy, Normal and Hard), so different abilities are covered.

All in all, it’s a superb time waster that celebrates the power of longevity.