Humble Bundle for Android 4 Now Includes Humble Bundle for Android 2 Games as Bonus

Humble Bundle for Android 4 Now Includes Humble Bundle for Android 2 Games as Bonus

Nov 16, 2012

Usually, the Humble Bundles include a little surprise halfway through, and Humble Bundle for Android 4 is no exception. Though I suppose if it’s predictable, it’s not a real surprise, is it? Well, what the surprise winds up being is unknown. Well the surprise this time is something Xzibit could be proud of. Humble heard you like Humble Bundles, so they put a Humble Bundle in your Humble Bundle 4 so you can bundle while being humble. Or something like that. The point is that Humble Bundle for Android 2 is now included in the Humble Bundle for Android 4.

For those that pay above the average (as of publication, it was around $6.40), you can get the game that launched a million mobile endless runners, Canabalt HD (with 3D graphics!), Zen Bound 2,the best family-friendly game about tying things up available on the market, side-scrolling real-time strategy game Swords and Soldiers, gear-shifting puzzle game Cogs, and retro PC RPG revival Avadon: The Black Fortress (for tablets only). Those who didn’t pay above the average can up their payment in order to unlock these games and Machinarium. The games still come with DRM-free downloads for computers, APKs for Android, and Steam codes. These bundles are great for charity as well as developers – Waking Mars creator Tiger Style games reports “having made some decent scratch” thanks to their inclusion in this bundle. The Humble Bundle 4 ends next Thursday on the 22nd.

Humble Bundle 4 Brings Sword & Sworcery to Android at Last

Humble Bundle 4 Brings Sword & Sworcery to Android at Last

Nov 9, 2012

The Humble Bundle for Android is back for round 4. This collection of games, available at any price with a user-chosen split for the proceeds going to developers, charity, or to the Humble Bundle itself, is now available for a limited time. This time, it’s a series of thoughtful and thought-provoking critically-acclaimed games from a variety of indie developers.

The superstar of the bundle may just be Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP. The 2011 game of the year on 148Apps, this is a graphical adventure game that features amazing pixel art and an incredible soundtrack from Jim Guthrie, all around a story that’s surprisingly emotional. The Android release is technically a beta release, so there’s still some bugs to be ironed out before this one is really ready for prime time.

Waking Mars is Tiger Style Games’ Android debut. This is an adventure game that’s built around exploring Mars, and discovering new flora and faunae in the caverns that are being explored. There’s very little of what could be described as ‘combat’ – it’s mostly just plant-growing, though it’s still got action in it. There’s multiple endings, and a Metroid-style sense of atmospheric exploration while venturing through this strange world.

Crayon Physics is a physics-based puzzler where crayon drawings are used to solve puzzles through creation: clever line placement to manipulate objects, or even to build simple machines to collect the stars in the levels. And of course, it comes with a crayon graphics aesthetic.

Splice is a puzzle game where players manipulate microbes to try and match the necessary shape, to form the proper strands as they’re manipulated. Developer Cipher Prime recommends this game for phablets (5" screens) and tablet screens.

Eufloria is a real-time strategy game that doesn’t feature orcs, or terrans, or anything from the standard strategy game tropes: why, it’s got seeds and plants growing, and manipulating them to expand their reach is the key here, as bugs and insects will get involved, and defending the plants becomes important. That’s two games about growing plants in one bundle!

Finally, there’s Machinarium, which we covered earlier this year in our review.

As always, the games are only available for a limited time, through November 22nd, and come with DRM-free downloads for PC, Mac, and Linux (where available) as well as Steam keys.