Fresh Screenshots And Music From Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition

Fresh Screenshots And Music From Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition

Oct 17, 2013


The return of the classic RPG is coming closer and closer to becoming a reality, and more and more assets are being released to the general public. There are new screenshots, new wallpapers, and even new music available. Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition is coming in November 15th, 2013, with mobile releases coming right after. Music can be accessed through Soundcloud. The assets can be downloaded from Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition Official Website.

Free App Recap January 29 – Wallpaper Apps

Free App Recap January 29 – Wallpaper Apps

Jan 29, 2013

The wallpaper or background on your Android phone or tablet is something you see a lot of. For some people they see their phone background more than they see their computer background. Because of this, finding cool wallpapers for Android devices is kind of a must especially if you’re not one to take good pictures with your phone. This weeks list is all about wallpaper apps for Android phones and tablets.

MultiPicture Live Wallpaper

One of the problems with wallpapers is you can only have one of them. This makes no sense because an Android can have anyware from one to seven home screens. What MultiPicture Live Wallpaper lets you do is add one image per screen. So instead of having one picture spread out across seven screens, you’ll have seven individual images as you’re scrolling side to side. You can also have a totally separate lock screen image if you choose.

Download MultiPicture Live Wallpaper


ZEDGE is probably the most powerful free wallpaper application in Android market. It not only has lots of wallpapers and live wallpapers, you can also get a notification sounds and ring tones. When you want to make your Android look and sound totally different, ZEDGE is a good place to start. If you’d like to see what they have, you can go to their site and see. You can also send the image to your phone via QR code or email.

Download ZEDGE

Image 2 Wallpaper

Because the Android device takes an image and stretches over all of the home screens, sometimes getting the image to look right as a wallpaper can be near impossible. Image 2 Wallpaper lets you easily make your image fit the background of your phone or tablet a lot better. The settings are a lot easier to use than some of the stock wallpaper adjustment screens. There is also a live wallpaper version.

Download Image 2 Wallpaper

Theme Thursday: Text Clock Pro

Theme Thursday: Text Clock Pro

Jul 5, 2012

I wasn’t initially planning on doing another Theme Thursday on a live wallpaper but Text Clock Pro really caught my eye and I knew I had to spread the word. Designers Biegert and Funk brought the world the beauty and simplicity of the cleverly designed QlockTwo. In short, this clock is a square field of seemingly random unlit letters that light up to tell the time in 5 minute increments. For example, if the time is 5:46, the clock would read “It is a quarter til 6 o’clock.” The big draw for the QlockTwo is the sleek, minimal, and, dare I say, sexy design as the jet black glossy square face with the thin, bright white san-seriff text creating an amazing contrast. Well, with a design that is so simple to replicate it was only a matter of time before this amazingly popular design made it to Android in some form, and Text Clock Pro does not disappoint.

It would have been almost too easy for someone to just quickly code up a widget that quickly replicates its real life counterpart. However, what Text Clock Pro does is takes the idea of the clock and allows for expanded user customization as well as making it a live wallpaper. I am torn about whether or not the idea to make Text Clock Pro a live wallpaper is a brilliant idea or a limiting one, but I have to say I find that it looks stunning even as it slides behind existing widgets. And it does look stunning, everything about this wallpaper is beautiful, including all the included fonts to choose from. For Pro customers there is the option to change the ratio from the original square configuration to a smaller 15×8 rectangle. Is it worth the buck to upgrade from Lite to Pro? That entirely depends on the user and I cannot say that the Pro version is necessarily a bad deal, because, come on, it’s a buck.

The biggest selling point to this app is its simplicity and its perfect customization options that allow any user to tailor the wallpaper to suit their liking. Looking at the app’s Play page the examples are gorgeous and the possibilities are sky high. At the very least, a must try for any Android owner, Text Clock Pro brings any phone one step closer to phone perfection.

Theme Thursday: Exodus Pro Live Wallpaper

Theme Thursday: Exodus Pro Live Wallpaper

Jun 28, 2012

I guess I said everything I needed to say about live wallpapers in last week’s Theme Thursday, but I’ll give a quick rundown for those who do not feel the need to go check. I will admit there is a certain stigma surrounding live wallpapers, and some of it is deserved. Some of the highest quality, more effect oriented live wallpaper can only be run seamlessly on higher end devices, and it can be a bit of a battery drain if used in a specific manner. I, however, feel that the whole idea of having a live wallpaper should not be discarded as, under the right circumstances, they can produce stunning results that can really spice up a normally drab phone. This week, I focused my attention onto the fun and creative Exodus Pro Live Wallpaper which is made by the same design team, Joko Interactive as last week’s Photile Pro.

Unlike Photile Pro, Exodus Pro does not allow for custom images; instead it fills the background with an empty field full of floating cubes. The sense of depth here is very impressive and for home screens that feature a lot of flat widgets and icons there really is a great sense of space behind the screen. As with most live wallpapers, Exodus Pro is incredibly customizable and just like Photile the themes that are included are probably the best ones are the preset options within the app itself. Every setting here can be tweaked, such as size and popularity of the shapes as well as how busy they become; which should not come as much of a surprise as they are all pretty standard and expected.

This wallpaper is very middle-of-the-road when i comes to processing power needed to run. It should not be a problem for medium to higher end phones which makes it available to a wider audience than some of the more expensive and technically demanding live wallpapers out there. For anyone with the right phone, I would definitely recommend Exodus Pro Live Wallpaper.

Theme Thursday – CrystalX: Blue

Theme Thursday – CrystalX: Blue

Oct 13, 2011

Feeling a little blue? While it’s great to have plenty of colors to choose from, you might not want them all showing up at the same time. Therefore, it’s good to have just one or two for a more uniform appearance, and if blue just happens to be one of your favorite colors, this week’s theme is going to be of particular interest to you! For this Theme Thursday, we present, CrystalX: Blue.

Some of the features of CrystalX: Blue include 10 custom wallpapers to choose from, along with an internal wallpaper selector so that you wont have to dig through all of the wallpapers you might already have installed. In addition, you also get 4 custom dock bars, 120 custom app icons and, finally, 60 app drawer icons to complete the theme.

Of course, this is a custom theme for ADW Launcher, not a stand-alone application. That means you’ll need to install ADW Launcher first or you won’t be able to use this custom theme. ADW Launcher is a home replacement utility which can radically change the entire look and feel of your graphical user interface, changing everything from the way it looks to the way certain elements behave and function. Basically, it’s like a makeover for your phone or tablet. Also, it’s worth noting that in order to use the custom dock bars, such as the ones available in CrystalX: Blue, you’ll need ADW Launcher EX. While ADW Launcher is free, ADW Launcher EX costs US$3.32 and supports a number of features ADW Launcher does not.

As you can see from the screenshots below, the color blue prominently runs throughout this theme and its many icons. You may also note the custom widgets being used, although I am unable to identify them.

CrystalX: Blue can be found on the Android Market for US$1.20.