Brothers in Arms 3 Now on Google Play

Brothers in Arms 3 Now on Google Play

Dec 18, 2014

Gameloft has finally released the long-awaited Brothers in Arms 3.

The game is free to play (with optional in-app options).

The internationally acclaimed WW2 franchise returns with blood-pumping shooting action, spectacular killcams, and lots of amazing experimental weapons. Become Sergeant Wright and experience a dramatic, life-changing journey in the aftermath of the Normandy invasion.
Lead your band of highly trained brothers on the frontline and use their special abilities in the heat of the battle. Upgrade your weapons, improve your soldiers’ skills and fight against the enemy army!

Check out the trailer here:

Battle of Tanks Review

Battle of Tanks Review

Aug 26, 2014

Battle Of Tanks is another entry in the rather crowded online tank battler. Does it HEAT things up?

Screenshot_2014-08-23-11-06-24Battle of Tanks‘ gameplay is too simple for its own good. There are no mission briefings or story; it is just the player in a tank of their choice. The player just drives around a featureless, treeless field (even if the description mentioned an outpost) using one of three weapons to blast enemy tanks into twisted metal. Weapons include the tank cannon, missiles which are very similar to cannons and machine guns, which are nearly useless.

The game lacks any interesting enemies either. There are no aircraft nor tank destroyers nor infantry, just other tanks firing in random directions.

Screenshot_2014-08-23-11-07-39One of the worst parts of the game though is the environments. Comprised of grassy fields with no interesting cover or things to look at, Battle of Tanks loses nearly all of its tactical potential. Without an environment to move around and take cover behind, the game is little more than a contest of who shoots first, which doesn’t make for exciting gameplay.

Battle of Tanks has very poor graphics. While it is indeed 3D as touted in the game’s description, the game just looks really bad. Most tanks are simply dull colored boxes, with nary a detail to be seen and the game’s environments are extremely poor without even a tree to look at. Explosions are simply expanding orange spheres and enemies all look the same. The resolution is low, the animation is nearly non-existent and Battle of Tanks just looks primitive.

The sound isn’t much better. There are no engine sounds at all, weapons all sound the same and the music is very generic.

Battle of Tanks‘ biggest failing however is its extremely imprecise controls. While it uses a familiar twin stick setup with one to control the tank and one to control the turret, these sticks are incredibly imprecise. Just driving in a straight line or rotating your turret in the general direction of an enemy is a huge pain because the game just won’t react correctly to touch.

Battle of Tanks is a difficult game mainly because it is so hard to move the tank with any kind of grace. Avoiding enemy shots is nearly impossible because often the controls won’t respond and the game spawns tanks behind you often and there is no radar to keep track of where enemies are and no cover to be used.

Battle of Tanks is a very poor game and it is clear from its title it is trying to emulate World of Tanks, but it is little more than a knock off. There are many, many better choices for tank based combat on Android. Check out Iron Force for super fun online tank combat with far better controls and actual environments.

First Strike Review

First Strike Review

Jul 2, 2014

First Strike is all about nukes. The crux of many an action movie nukes can be fun to throw around. First Strike contains all the fun of launching arrays of nuclear death without all that pesky fallout afterwards. First Strike throws diplomacy out the window. By the time of the game the world is already going to be bathed in nuclear fire. The only question is who will do most of the bathing?

First Strike divides each nation up into sections and each section has a number of silos, the number of which is controlled by tech level. Each silo can have a particular kind of missile. There are cruise missiles which are used to intercept incoming nukes and ICBMs, which are used for nuking other nations.

Screenshot_2014-07-01-14-53-53Actually attacking enemies (i.e., anyone not you) is very easy. The player just taps on a nation and then taps on an opposing nation. Intercepting nukes is easy as tapping on an icon. Building a combination of missiles is important as without cruise missiles there is no way of stopping incoming nukes.

Once the player has a big enough arsenal they can launch the titular first strike, which is an all-out attack where every nation the player controls launches their nukes at the target. This is accompanied with a great swell of music and usually reduces the target area to rubble.

Screenshot_2014-07-01-13-52-16Nukes themselves cause parts of the map to become barren, destroying any missiles there and removing it from control. These areas can be reclaimed by expanding to them with a “expand” option. While a nation is expanding it cannot defend itself, but the more of the map a nation has under its control, the more space there is for additional nuke silos. A balance between taking over the map and attacking your enemies is essential.

Research is important as well. Longer range and more powerful missiles can be researched as well as more advanced radar to detect incoming missiles. A few super weapons work great for wiping out a stubborn opponent.

The game contains three difficulty levels, each of which is a different nation. The USA is quite easy what with its already advanced tech and large number of territories. North Korea on the other hand is backward tech wise and cannot even detect incoming missiles for starters.

First Strike looks excellent. A great style with glowing lines and simple icons make the game feel like some kind of military computer and when a major nuclear exchange erupts and dozens of missiles with targeting lines and icons fly through the air it is a sight to behold.

The game also sounds excellent. Minimalist, flowing music is punctuated with bursts of loud pumping riffs when First Strikes happen. Missiles launching and detonating sound great and the beeps and boops of the interface really make you feel like you’re hunched over a screen in some bunker somewhere, watching the end of the world happen.

First Strike is a fun and super stylish game and should be loads of fun for any fan of strategy.

Game of War: Fire Age Review

Game of War: Fire Age Review

Jun 12, 2014

Game of War: Fire Age is a city builder with a huge scope. Taking control of a tiny city with some wooden walls and not a lot else, the player must construct an epic city, train an army and work with others to become powerful.

Screenshot_2014-06-08-17-37-49At its most basic GOW:FA seems like any other city builder. The player taps a plot in their city and chooses a building, which takes real time to construct. There are a ton of buildings in game and the building system is quite in depth. There are the basics, like farms for food and barracks for troops but there are also embassies to work with other players, upgraded walls and traps to stop enemies and a dizzying array of resource and research buildings to construct.

GOW:FA’s world is divided into vast areas called kingdoms where player cities reside. Unlike most games cities are actually located somewhere on the land in a kingdom, so it’s possible to view a world map and see the city and other player’s cities like an actual world map, rather than the more abstract “neighbors” common to this type of genre.

Screenshot_2014-06-08-01-12-37Attacking enemies involves making an army and sending troops to their city via the world map. They will then march there and return with resources if victorious. The military system in the game is quite deep and there are heaps of things to consider like force composition, what buffs your leader or hero has and what research has been completed Troops take a long time to create, so wars tend to be much more considered, realistic affairs.

The best thing about GOW:FA is joining an alliance. An alliance is a group of players that usually work towards a common goal and unlike most games, they tend to be well run affairs. Alliance members can help each other in a number of ways, from boosting building timers, to aiding research. War rallies can be organized in which members of an alliance can contribute troops to an army under another player as they march off to fight enemies or defend alliance members. It works very much like the Vassalage system in real life.

Game of War: Fire Age has a great community. Players tend to be polite and mature and there is a real sense of teamwork within good alliances. (Shout out to the super helpful guys in my alliance, The North 101). Attack and defense tend to be well organized and it feels a lot like real politics. Fire Age’s world is so huge and there are so many players that joining a good alliance is needed just to survive, let alone for the companionship and other help.

For a 2-D city builder Game of War: Fire Age sure looks nice. Buildings change as they are upgraded and a clear interface and map system help it along. The sound is basic but serviceable.

Game of War: Fire Age is a fun game with a great community. For wargame fans that can handle freemium games it is worth playing and sticking with.

KickStarter Spotlight: Wars and Battles

KickStarter Spotlight: Wars and Battles

Jul 24, 2013

So, maybe I’m not as deeply intrenched into the world of tabletop strategy games as some, but I share a deep appreciation for those classic, tactile games. There are not many things that can replace the feeling of moving a physical token around the board or jealously guarding a handful of unit cards. Basically, in order for a mobile or computer game to eclipse this it has to bring something new to the “table” and give me a compelling reason to choose it over the established, because staring at a tiny screen cannot replace friends around the kitchen table.

So what does Wars and Battles do differently that would make it the next great thing in strategy war games? Two words: simplicity, and authenticity. A lot of games throw the player into the midst of a hypothetical war without a great magnitude of backstory, and make them duke it out with faceless minions. What makes this KickStarter hopeful different is that every battlefield and army are real world places and nations. The two examples given are Gettysburg and Normandy; i.e. some of the biggest military battles in history. Each unit is lovingly displayed with a full paragraph description about their history and contribution to the war effort. The game developers has actual historians working with the programmers in order to make this the most historically accurate game it can be. Oh, did I mention that they also have active officers and veterans analyzing strategies and maps? No? Well, they do; which is awesome.

Walking in the shoes of our ancestors; as well as a vastly simplified yet unique command system, makes for a very compelling game that can be played on nearly any device; alone or with friends. While Wars and Battles might not replace that Risk board when friends come calling, it has a great opportunity to win out in nearly every other situation. Unfortunately, because these battlefields are so detailed, a $10 donation will only allow for gameplay on one. This is lessened by the fact that each map has 10 different scenarios which supposedly delivers around 100 hours of gameplay. I would assume that these maps are able to be bought later on, and most likely at a price below $10. After thinking about it, this really is not as bad of a deal as it seems on the surface, and with a new map coming out ever two months, the long term rewards really are endless.

So, get to it internet. Check out Wars and Battles and help this game; which these great developers have been meticulously crafting, become as real as the wars it contains.

Zombie Evil Review

Zombie Evil Review

Jan 30, 2013

What’s going to happen when the zombies come? Likely, the last few humans on earth will be fighting tooth and nail to stay alive. Zombie Evil is a game where that’s exactly what’s happening. The character is one of the last people in the United States who isn’t a zombie. He’s fending off the waves of flesh eaters to try and stay alive.

The controls are pretty easy to use. The character is aloft on a gun turret looking down on all of the approaching zombies. The goal, kill them all. To shoot a weapon, put a finger on the screen where the gun should fire. To move the gun side to side either drag a finger across the screen or lift up the finger and place of the new target.

There doesn’t seem to be a limitation on ammunition. This allows for the spray and pray technique. Just hold a finger on the screen and aim the gun at the zombies. By not lifting a finger, combos are achieved earning more coins.

As zombies are killed, coins or acquired. The claims are used to purchase upgrades used for defense, attacking and the different guards. Some zombies, like the balding blonde haired zombies or the fat ones, take a little bit more to kill. Either do this by upgrading the weapon being used or have them several times with less powerful weapon.

To switch weapons, use the left and right red arrows at the bottom of the screen. There are also different special weapons available. The bottom left corner of the screen will show difference special weapons that are either unlocked or purchased. To use these,press and hold on the icon from the bottom left and drag it to the part of the screen where it is to be used to let go.

Friday Free Game Rundown November 9th – Sniper Games

Friday Free Game Rundown November 9th – Sniper Games

Nov 9, 2012

When it comes down to it, snipers are extremely scary. They sit back a half of a mile and pick off their targets. I’m sure it’s different when the barrel is pointed at the target and someone else is pulling the trigger. On that note, we’ll go over a bunch of sniper games today. We have a couple different types of games to test different sniper skills.

Sniper Shot!

Sniper Shot! is more of a camera than a game. What it does is put an overlay on the screen with this style scope that a particular model weapon would have. Numerous types of weapons are available. When a weapon type is selected, the different types of crosshairs are shown on the Android screen. Once the weapon is loaded, pressing the button in the top right corner will shoot and make a sound similar to that style weapon firing. What’s actually happening is a pictures being taken. In the settings there’s an option to see a bullethole and have the word headshot added to the picture.

Download Sniper Shot

Ghost Sniper: Zombie

If there it was a zombie outbreak, I know I would want to be as far away from those brain eaters as possible. That’s what happens in this game. From a far-off distance, take aim and let them have it. The graphics in this game are pretty amazing. The biggest complaint people seem to have is the request for a rating before the game even gets underway. The customization of the weapons is pretty realistic too.

Download Ghost Sniper Zombie

Sniper Counter Terrorism

In many urban settings there are snipers deployed to handle skirmishes. While urban environment offers a lot of places to hide, there’s also the potential for a lot more collateral damage and civilian intervention. In this game the acting sniper is tasked with taking out the enemies from a distance and covering teammates. Basically a similar roles what a sniper would do in the field.

Download Sniper Counter Terrorism

Sniper Training Camp II

Every sniper needs to learn and practice their craft. Sniper Training Camp II is strictly target practice. Using the two common weapons most snipers carry and hitting the targets in a different spots, such as a headshot, will earn a different amount of points. Like with any other shooting range, speed and accuracy are super important. Remember, practice makes perfect.

Download Sniper Training Camp II

Army Sniper

Shooting a lot of bad guys for long-distance is what snipers do. Army Sniper fits that bill exactly. Each level is filled with a bunch of bad guys at varying distances. Some of the targets move while some of them stand or crouch and same position. The levels get a little more difficult but are very similar to each other. Army Sniper is a good target shooting game used to practice sniping skills.

Download Army Sniper

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation Review

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation Review

May 3, 2012

Games about war are always popular. In this genre, the more realistic the action the more popular it becomes. Modern Combat 3 is a about as good as it gets for war action game on Android devices.

The controls are a bit tricky at first. Initially using the touchscreen for the d-pad wasn’t so accurate for me. I think the problem is that it is floating. When I get too close to the edge of the screen, the player can’t move in a direction. In the settings menu, The main directional controls can be changed to virtual sticks. That way the controls are visible all the time. The buttons for things like sprint or interact could be a little larger. When playing the game sometimes the action is pretty fast paced and it is easy to pay attention to the action and possibly missing them. In the customize tab of the settings menu, the directional controls can be where they are more easily accessed based on playing style. While in the customization screen, the other icons can also be moved to a spot where they are not blocked from view by active fingers, something I liked a lot.

The graphics are great. Modern Combat 3 has the look of something expected on a PS3 or Xbox. There are a lot of details in not only in the cut scenes, but also in the game. It isn’t like some games where the scenes are awesome and the game is decent. Both the cut scenes and the game have similar quality graphics.

The single player mode is a campaign-style game. The story starts with a terrorist plot to do further do harm to a war on US soil. As the game progresses more weapons are available and the difficulty increases. Multiplayer mode has 2 choices of playing with a group; online or over a local wi-fi network. When playing online, connection to a wi-fi network is required for speed reasons. Another must is a Gameloft account. This is how they keep track of stats and purchases.

Like many Gameloft games, as the game progresses money or coins are collected to buy items like ammo and body armor or pay for upgrades to weapons. There is also an option to spend real money to get game money. 25,000 gold coins is $1.99 USD. Some of the purchases possible are selecting a weapons kit or add to the default guns and grenades. Additions to the kits are different scopes or sights, different ammo extended mags and more.

There are different game types within each mode. for example, in Quick Match, some of the modes to choose from are Battle, Team Battle, Capture the Flag Manhunt as well as a few others. A nice touch to the online player profile is the ability to make a unique kill signature. This is what displays on the opponent’s screen when they are killed. The gameplay was quicker than a lot of games which is both good and bad. I would suggest playing the campaign for a bit until the game seems easier then venture into the multiplayer modes to play with strangers.

I have been a fan of games for consoles like Splinter Cell, the Metal Gear series and Modern Warfare series for a while. It’s great to have a similar game on Android.

Paper War For 2 Players Review

Paper War For 2 Players Review

Jun 3, 2011

Some games were destined to be brilliant. Everything about them, from art style to gameplay just screams success. Other games are destined to be abysmal. Then, there are those which defy classification, games that have some features that shine brighter than the rest. Paper War is one of those.

The game is a simple shooter, for one or two players, that sees you blasting away at anything that moves and some things that don’t. In single player, the game’s generic, a riff on Space Invaders with some nice sketchy graphics and little else to recommend it. In multiplayer, however, the game finds its feet.

There are three modes on offer, each of them a twist on the basic single player game, all played on a single phone. Anti-Aircraft has you shooting your opponent’s planes with a cannon, Plane Smasher is a frantic tap-’em-up where you have to tap opposing colored planes and avoid tapping your own and Cannon Battle is a battle between two cannons, with wind speed and direction coming into play.

In a strange way, the game reminds me of Point Blank, Namco’s lightgun classic. Each of the modes is a mini game in its own right, and the color coded blasting is especially reminiscent. That’s no bad thing either, because Paper Wars also manages to capture the same rich vein of playability as its arcade-based ancestor.

So, if you’re looking for a game to play on your own, there are many better alternatives out there, and the game has no online multiplayer component either. What it does have is some of the best same phone multiplayer available on the Android Market. It might not be to everyone’s taste, but it’s fun, easy to play and pretty addictive as well. Well worth shelling out for if you’ve got some time to kill and a friend to hand.