Warfare Nations Review

Warfare Nations Review

Jun 6, 2014

Warfare Nations is a wargame with a difference. Using a varied collection of infantry and armoured units like riflemen, snipers and armoured cars the player works their way across a map, conquering bases for resources and taking out the enemy. Using troops to cover for each other’s weaknesses is key to winning battles.

Screenshot_2014-06-02-18-38-20For example riflemen are basic footsoliders and can take a pounding. This takes the heat off the snipers, who pick off stronger enemy troops before they get too close. Medics heal other soldiers and are vital to your success. Armoured units are good at destroying enemies and soaking up punishment so infantry can advance.

Warfare Nations’ battles are fun. Keeping a tight reign on troops and supporting them are vital to success and there is always a way to get though a battle with minimum or no causalities. Each unit can be upgraded multiple times and new ones are unlocked as the player levels up.

When not in combat a fairly basic grand strategy phase takes place where the player trains new troops and upgrades buildings. Conquering enemy bases generates resources slowly and this is really the only way to earn money other than winning battles. Most upgrades are extremely expensive and even early game upgrades take a very long time to afford.

This part of the game is just a bit too limited to be enjoyable. Upgrades cost so much money that a lot of time on the map is spent waiting for resources to acquire. Losing a battle is especially devastating, as a loss awards no resources and resources must be spent on rebuilding the army from scratch. Luckily, this isn’t too expensive.

Screenshot_2014-06-02-16-12-57Unfortunately some control problems make playing Warfare Nations harder than it needs to be. The basic controls for moving troops work well, but picking out specific enemies to attack is a nightmare. This becomes very frustrating when some Pyro is killing off your troopers en mass and your snipers just won’t stop shooting another target to hit the flamer. The ability to tap on an enemy to target them would alleviate this issue.

And indeed flamethrower using troops seem very overpowered. They tear though armoured vehicles and infantry alike and about the only thing that counters them are snipers. Flamethrowers inexplicably have about the same range as a sniper rifle, so sometimes snipers will be no match for them either.

Warfare Nations looks really cool. A slick “square jawed” military style give soldiers some personally and armoured units look good as well. Sound effects are a little light, but gunfire still gets the job done.

Warfare Nations is a very slow burning game. Getting good troops takes a little too long however and the daunting price of upgrades will likely turn some people off the game. The solid tactical combat is worth sticking around for though.

At the end of the day Warfare Nations is worth a play for any fan of squad based games, but tis freemium features can get in the way of the fun gameplay.