Wave Wave Review

Wave Wave Review

Jul 3, 2014

Life is sweeter when it’s easy. When everything moves the way it should for as long as it should, one can’t complain. There isn’t any shame in appreciating that. With video games, we like reasonable levels of difficulty, but I think that deep down, we all really want an epic battle… something seemingly impossible to conquer.

Basically, we love torture by pixel. Why else would games like Wave Wave be so addictive?

We’ve known about this game for a while, and finally had a chance to take it for a spin. It is a twitch/reaction games, so it makes sense to go into it with a soothed state of mind. Simplistically explained, the playing area is an insane, jazzy splash of altering colors. A lined arrow travels through this playing area, and the base idea is to use the controls to avoid the quick-appearing obstacles that appear.wave1

It’s the controls — along with said obstacles — that really make the game what it is. The line travels on its own, initially in a straight line; tapping (and holding) anywhere on the screen causes the arrow to dart upwards at an angle for as long as the the screen is pressed on. Releasing it makes it the arrowed line dart downwards at a similar angle. With the thin travel-way, the controlled darting must be on point, or the line will hit a lethal obstacle. As more gameplay is consumed, one finds rapidly changing color schemes and some major changes in viewing perspective, and these do affect success a great deal. The game success is generally measured in time one is able to stay alive, and the game has leaderboards and marks records.

The game serves up versions under the “Endless” tag (Random, Rotator, Repeater and Galaxy) as well as scripted levels.

For a twitch game, it is easy to pick up and play. I love he infuriating nature, and the way the developer incorporates simple concepts like perspective to make things happen. On the flip side, I think a few more mode challenges would be well received.

It’s another fine game under the Noodlecake banner, and should be great at ensuring those blood pressure cuffs don’t fall out of use.

Wave Wave Navigates Through Hazards on to Android on June 26th

Wave Wave Navigates Through Hazards on to Android on June 26th

Jun 20, 2014

Wave Wave, the Super Hexagon-inspired challenging arcade game by Thomas Janson, is on its way to Android via prolific Android publisher Noodlecake Games. The game involves tapping and holding on the screen to move a line through a number of hazards, while trying to survive the topsy-turvy levels. It’s extremely difficult, which I can imagine will make fans of games such as Super Hexagon salivate and/or curse to the heavens that “another one of these is being made?!”

The game launches on June 26th for $1.99, a sale price from $2.99, with no IAPs whatsoever.