AccuWeather gets an update

AccuWeather gets an update

May 17, 2017

Premium weather application AccuWeather Platinum just received a simple update.


• Enhanced Location Search for Non-English users
• Bug Fixes

The app costs $2.99; there is a free version as well.

AccuWeather Update Brings New Features

AccuWeather Update Brings New Features

Feb 24, 2017

Premium weather application AccuWeather just received an update.

Amongst the news things featured are new buttons which have been added to the temperature in the notification bar and a brand new custom widget.


• Updated Daily / Hourly Graphs with scale and new button to expand/collapse day and night list on the Daily screen.
• New Feature: Tap map screen to get location and current temperature
• New Feature: Watches and Warnings map layer added (US Only)
• Refresh button and timestamp have been added to Temperature in the Notification bar
• Custom Widget blacked out issue fix
• Other Bug Fixes

* Please try our New Custom 4×2 Widget that Will let you know when to take Umbrella or Jacket.

AccuWeather comes in two flavors: a completely free version and a premium build which costs $2.99 (the premium version offers additional IAPs).

AccuWeather Gets New Theme and More via Update

AccuWeather Gets New Theme and More via Update

Jul 17, 2016

Premier weather utility AccuWeather is adding some cool new things via update.

One new feature is a new visual tool — Future Radar — which gives the user a look at precipitation in the very near future.

More below (per the press release):

Today, AccuWeather has released an update to its Android app, which provides customized and localized weather information with Superior Accuracy™ to help users make informed weather decisions throughout their day. AccuWeather’s updated Android app includes the following:
Future Radar – Access up to 2 hours’ worth of Future Precipitation Radar visuals in the maps section of the app.

Dark Theme – Enjoy AccuWeather’s app in both light and dark modes. With the Theme set to automatic, the app will switch to dark mode at night and back to light mode during the day.

Graphs – Temperature and Precipitation graphs have now been added to both the Hourly and Daily screens.

These exciting new additions join existing features – like AccuWeather’s patented MinuteCast® forecast, which provides the only global minute-by-minute precipitation forecast for a person’s exact street address or GPS location for the next two hours – offering the latest in weather information and forecasting.

AccuWeather has both pro ($2.99) and free versions on Google Play.

Degrees Review

Degrees Review

May 16, 2014

Weather prediction is big business, and I am fairly certain I am not unique in wanting reliable weather information on my devices of choice. As such, it’s good news that the formerly Canada-exclusive app Degrees now has USA weather data to share.

At first sight, the clean look of the app is appealing. The main screens that appear when the app is first started are distinct in the general clean, minimalist look; the backgrounds are stark white, and the icons are simple but expressive, and the black fonts work well.

Immediately after opening, the app pulls in information to a summary bar, and tapping on the summary bar opens up more information. The top part of this page can be scrolled through, and reflects weather-related data: wind deg1speed/direction, pressure, visibility, humidity, dewpoint, current/local moon phase and the times for sunrise and sunset. Even higher up in this bar (in larger font) is the current temperature and weather outlook. The app has an ultra-useful radar button which presents regional weather patterns in real-time.

Beneath this, the app breaks down the upcoming predicted weather for the next week, by day and nighttime. It also summarizes, by use of number and icon, the expected weather difference for said time period.

On the opening summary page, there is a setting button to the top right; tapping this gives the user an opportunity to adjust some specific settings. Locations (including that used with the widget) can be entered here; also, units can be tweaked (for example, from Celsius to Fahrenheit, or imperial units instead of metric ones). Push notifications and order of data can be tweaked.

The widget is clean; I would have liked a bit more customization options, but to be fair, it adopts the simple aspects present in other parts of the app.

The app works because it is clean and functional. Having NOAA data as the base makes it quite reliable as a service, and the low-frills feel is just what a weather app needs.

For an infinitely useful app, Degrees is easy to enjoy, and at $0.99, it is priced to move.

Warmly Review

Warmly Review

Jun 21, 2013

Warmly is an atypical productivity offering from The Chaos Collective that seemingly wants to make the descriptive term “alarm” a misnomer by changing the way we do alarms and wake patterns in the first place.

The opening user interface is a clear cut celebration of simplicity, and hints at the design elements that govern the entire app.

It gives a scroll-through window for setting the time (with an AM/PM toggle), and nine (9) big square buttons. After a scheduling check-off and an off and ok button, THAT’S IT. Laid against the soothing yellow backdrop, the relatively minimalist viewers are hard not to like.

The nine sound tabs run the gamut. The visual representations cover familair sounds like trains, planes, sporty warmly1sounds, cooking, brewing coffee and even a sound selection for cat and dog lovers. After selecting the time, the sound and the weekly recurrence, the app goes to a quiet, dark screen with time prominent. Such a display befits its role as a specialty background alarm.

Warmly is an alarm app that wants to wake you up gradually, and break the paradigm of blaring sirens that invoke panic and dismay. Instead, Warmly uses one of the selected, hopefully familiar noises in an increasing manner that works to help a user build into wakefulness naturally. Specifically, it plays ambient sound worked in with sounds reflecting the weather. As hinted it, it starts off low and then works up higher and higher over several minutes.

Warmly adds in a few more features that increase its utility; it supports the option to use 24 hour time, which appeals to the overly picky like me. It also has an auto shut-off feature, and the requisite snooze after 9 minutes. I also found it possible to change the unit of measure for temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit.

Much as I like this app, I’d love to see it expand a bit. Maybe the ability to work with the built-in calendar? Or how about the ability to pull in one’s own sound files? Sky is the limit.

I like simple, and I like Warmly a lot. It helps redefine a ubiquitous feature of smartphones, and does that well. Can’t wait to see what else Chaos has up its collective sleeve.

Weather Live Review

Weather Live Review

Jan 2, 2013

Probably one of the most organic uses of a smartphone is using it as a personal, portable weather keeper. Android, as a platform, is blessed with many, many weather-related apps; Android users are a tad spoiled, and to be noticed, it takes some moxie.

Weather Live from, Apalon, might just have the gumption to pull it off.

My first impression was the clean-looking interface, and how it looked placed against the background animation. The stark white worked well to project the information, and the two blocks of data complemented each other nicely. On hand, I had access to my local weather, with visual and text representations of the conditions in the top half. There were notations for precipitation, pressure, visibility and humidity and wind direction, as well as high/low, average temperature and a current “feels like” reading along with the date and time. The bottom half showed me the current days weather in three-hour intervals, and a 4-day high/low temperature and generalized weather conditions.

The settings had display and layout options. Using them, I could change units, play with look of widgets and even toggle “Nightstand Mode” from there. There was a reasonable degree of customization, but I felt it could use some more.

As noted, the app comes with widgets, and offers them in three different sizes. Each retains the clean, functional look off the app itself.

I would have liked added functionality in the widgets, like transparencies and the ability to open other apps from within Weather Live. As noted earlier, this specific niche is clogged up, so added on functionality would be very welcome for folks looking to be wowed. I also would like to see even more widgets, and maybe some themes.

All in all, I thought that Weather Live was a gorgeous software application with plenty of upside. As-is, it does provide great functionality, and I am eager to see if the developer is looking to add even more stuff.

Free App Recap October 23rd: Android Weather Apps

Free App Recap October 23rd: Android Weather Apps

Oct 23, 2012

Mother Nature is fickle. One minute she is all sunshine and birds chirpin’, the next she is raging rain storms and tornadoes. To keep tabs on what she is up to, this week will showcase 3 weather apps for Android. One is a weather widget and the other two apps have more specific uses.


RadarNow! is a really great application for the outdoorsy people who don’t really need to know the temperature so much as what the precipitation is doing. Need to know if that big storm will roll right over the soccer game? RadarNow! is the perfect Android weather radar app for that.

Download RadarNow!

Simple Weather Alert

I haven’t had the pleasure of going through an earthquake of any magnitude but not a Spring goes by when a tornado touches down near where ever I am. Since I am not a regular radio listener or television watcher, getting notified of impending weather is a challenge. Simple Weather Alert is a great app to have as a warning system. Notifications come across for all types of bad weather. Be safe knowing Simple Weather Alert monitors the official National Weather Service alerts for the area. The new warnings appear on the status bar.

Download Simple Weather Alert

GO Weather EX

The GO Dev team make some super awesome apps. The GO Weather EX widget is no different. Like all of the other GO applications, the GO Weather EX widget can be customized with different themes. Like a good weather widget, both the current conditions and forecast are easily accessible. As the weather changes, so does the background of the widget.

Download GO Weather EX

Never Drive Through Bad Weather on a Road Trip Again With Weather Tripper

Never Drive Through Bad Weather on a Road Trip Again With Weather Tripper

Jul 10, 2012

About to go on a road trip? Want to plot a trip around any inclement weather (by which I mean rain and snow, not just the intense heat that is all across America, making Texas feel like a cool wonderland somehow. Well, that’s what Weather Tripper is for. Put in the starting point – whether it be just a city or a specific spot, and put in a destination, and watch Weather Tripper work its magic. It calculates the route to a destination from Google Maps, and shows the weather along the way for both today and in the near future. Sure, in the summer rain on the way through a road trip may not be likely, but for those moving their kids up to college this fall, this free app could be useful. It could use more implementation with directions, to help find alternate routes when inclement weather does strike, but it’s otherwise a potentially useful free app from Google Play.

Degrees: A Weather App for Canadians!

Degrees: A Weather App for Canadians!

May 29, 2012

I do not live in Canada. I live in South Texas, where there is no need to check the summer temperature, as it is either hot, really hot, or really really [censored] hot.For our friends north of the border, summertime may bring a variety of weather. There’s an app for these Canadian folk, and it’s called Degrees. This app provides stylish ways to view the weather anywhere from Vancouver to Saskatoon. The app was developed for both iOS and Android, which may explain the stylish, monochrome look.

Degrees supports the viewing of multiple cities on one screen. Want to see what the weather’s looking like in Newfoundland? Disgruntled Expos fan that wants to be able to taunt Toronto that while they may still have baseball, Montreal has better weather on this day? Go for it! Planning a trip north of the border but can’t quite understand Celsius? The app supports Fahrenheit as well! The app is available now from Google Play.

Theme Thursday: Z Fish

Theme Thursday: Z Fish

Apr 26, 2012

It occurred to me that after doing so many of these Theme Thursday blogs that sometimes more attention is paid to more serious, usually darker themes. It is good to reach out and look at a great theme that is more likely to be found in a local coffee shop as opposed to a board room. This week is a beautiful Asian-inspired theme from Zero Designs called Z Fish. As the name implies, the main wallpaper is an authentic looking Japanese ink painting of a bright red fish leaping out of the water. The entire theme carries out the inky black on tan parchment color scheme and is sure to give an incredibly unique feel to any Android device. Unfortunately, for some reason the wallpaper has a ton of pixel noise that can be very distracting and really ruins the whole feel. And, like other themes that specifically dwell in the monochromatic realm – including apps that have icons that do not come with the theme – this is a problem. There is no option to simply turn the icons to grayscale, and even though they are encompassed in a inky black halo the bright colors seem very out of place against the muted, natural tones of the rest of the theme.

All the icons look great, and give a wonderful feeling of being truly handmade. Again, this feeling is tempered by the unsupported app icons but that is to be expected. The app does not come with an amazing number of icons but the necessary ones are included. In order to take this app to the next level, the developers need to take the time to really put out some quality icons for common apps like many other themes that I have reviewed in the past.

For anyone who uses GO Launcher’s weather app, GO Weather there is a skin for the weather widget that is a skin available on the Play Store that makes the time and weather appear to be a classic Asian watercolor painting. I had used this theme before and it never worked with any other theme until I started using Z Fish. The Widget skin works beautifully with the Launcher theme and it would be a mistake not to install the two side by side.

Google Mobile — Today’s Weather Calls For Cloud Printing

Google Mobile — Today’s Weather Calls For Cloud Printing

Jan 25, 2011

Clouds and weather go hand and hand and yesterday was no exception. Yesterday Google announced a couple new additions to the Google mobile experience. Users can now enjoy a few added weather tools when using from their mobile browser.

Just type “weather” into the search bar and you’ll soon be treated to the familiar current conditions along with a new interactive 12-hour slider. Watch as future predicted forecast information along with background color changes as you slide your finger across your new age crystal ball.

A quick and fun way to access weather information along with your usual weather related search results. This new weather search experience is available only in English at the moment but updates are on the way.