Dinamotxt Review

Dinamotxt Review

Sep 4, 2013

Texting someone is probably most convenient way to talk to a person these days. I personally send thousands of texts a month. When compared to the few hundred minutes a month I talk, if even that many, I see the need for better messaging apps. NOt so much what the app can do, more like where I can use it. Dinamotxt is a pretty great way to text from any connected Android device, as well as a computer.

Dinamotxt-2In a nutshell, Dinamotxt lets the end user sign in via Google+. This is what links all of the devices together. When logging into the website (web.dinamotxt.com), make sure to be logged into the same Google Account as on the phone and/or tablet for everything to sync up.

Once all signed in, everything is pretty straightforward. When a message comes in, it can be read and replied to from any of the devices connected to the account. What I thought was cool too is, I am a longtime user of GO SMS Pro. SOme of the apps like this I have tried don’t work so well with 3rd party SMS apps. Dinamotxt works the same with the stock messaging app and GO SMS Pro.

The speed of Dinamotxt is great. Some other apps have a lag when sending or a longer refresh time for the web portion. Dinamotxt is really quick. I can hear the notification on my phone, switch to the open tab in my browser with Dinamotxt running and the message will be right there.

Sending a message from the website is pretty easy too. There is a little plus sign at the top of the phone pictured. If it’s not visible, press the back arrow on the phone pictured until all of the current message threads are shown. Clicking it will open a new message. Add the contact, type the message and press send. Pretty easy.

Catch Notes App Review

Catch Notes App Review

Jan 14, 2013

Seeing as I am an inherently disorganized person, finding a way to keep tabs on my life is something that I have been searching for a very long time. I have tried a myriad of solutions for both my smartphone and laptop, but I always have a hard time sticking to one; lack of features and limited connectivity between devices tend to be the problems that frequent my life most often. A big problem is that I run Apple’s OS X on my laptop and have an Android smartphone, obviously two devices that do not play well together. So my solution was to look for something that had a web-based service in addition to their standalone app that anyone could access from wherever they were, no matter the operating system. My searching brought me along a great app company called Catch who has an incredible note-taking app for Android that also syncs to an online web-app.

The app is, fittingly, called Catch Notes and connects though the traditional logins of Twitter and Facebook as well as an optional Catch.com login. After downloading this app, the first thing that I noticed was the simplicity of the styling. Out of all the note apps that I looked at, and I looked at quite a few, this one was by-far-and-away the most attractive and intuitive. The main screen has a list of “spaces” which are basically user-created, pastel colored categories for notes. At the bottom is a small, gray half circle button to add a new note which quickly toggles a wheel to add different kinds of notes. Catch Notes can handle alarms, photos, text, voice, and checklist notes which really make this app incredibly flexible and useful. The add button is persistent throughout the whole app which makes quickly adding notes a cinch and the intuitive interface is a joy to use.

The online web-app is not as tightly styled as its mobile partner, but it is still very functional nonetheless; especially when paired as a shortcut on a desktop which is a great way to quickly add and sync notifications to a computer. It is important to note that Catch does not sync with any existing note app such as Google Notes or Apple’s Reminders, but it does allow sharing of notes and spaces with other Catch.com users. Anyone looking for a great note taking app should look no more because Catch Note is the best, and most attractive, note-taking app for Android that I have ever used.