Lose It! Review

Lose It! Review

Sep 16, 2011

Contrary to popular belief, doing sit-ups with a gimmicky machine won’t give you a washboard stomach in “no time flat!” No matter what the guy on TV says, it just won’t happen. The only way you’ll lose weight is by consuming only as many calories as you need while burning off excess calories through vigorous exercise. It takes hard work and determination, but there are tools that can help keep you motivated by plotting your progress and showing you how close you are to your goals. Lose It! is an app for Android designed to do just that.

At its core, Lose It! is a fancy calculator attached to a database of information about food and exercise with a nifty interface to chart your progress. That’s it. You tell it some basic information about yourself, such as, what your weight loss goals are, what foods you’ve consumed and how much exercise you’ve done. From there, it adds up the totals and tells you whether you’re above or below your daily calorie limit. It’ll even give you an estimate of when you can expect to hit your goal weight. As long as you’re honest and really stick to it, everything should go according to plan.

Where Lose It! really shines is in the wide range of foods, brands and restaurant meals that are available and how conveniently it adds the calorie totals and nutrients in each to your daily log. You can even specify how much of what you’ve had, and it’ll generate a number for you. However, a lot of homemade foods are hard to figure out while some foods simply aren’t available. In this scenario, you can usually figure out a total by telling the application what’s in the food. With a little guesswork, you can get a total calorie count for even the most obscure meal just by adding up the basic ingredients.

The same goes for exercise. For example, if you took the stairs at work instead of the elevator, you can work out how many calories that burned by tweaking the information available in the app. For more traditional exercises, such as running, walking, lifting weights, bicycle riding, etc., Lose It! has a total for almost all of them. You might be amazed at just how many different activities you can find in this app and what the total calories burned while doing them are.

Another great feature is how the app integrates with loseit.com, giving you another way to track your progress while blending in social features. By adding friends and comparing results, you’ll be more motivated to stick to your diet and achieve your goal.

Lose It! is an extremely useful tool and a powerful motivator. It is not, however, a magical shortcut to weight loss. If you were expecting to download this app and suddenly lose 10 pounds, forget it. All it does, and all it is designed to do, is log and track your progress. In that capacity, it works extremely well.