Puller Review

Puller Review

Mar 16, 2015

Puller is a pretty unique game. Players take control of a little explorer with a natty little hard hat who must make his way out of an increasingly difficult series of “Wells” which are large, mine shaft like holes full of danger. Tapping a button makes your intrepid explorer climb and another button allows him to sway left or right. Swaying is important, as each shaft is full of falling rocks, spitting enemies and other hazards that are best avoided, as well as ledges that need to be swung around. Of course swaying too much can cause your man to swing into other dangers.

Picture 7Screenshot_2015-03-01-01-16-43.pngToo many hits and he falls to his doom and you must restart the level. Each level is full of coins that entice the player to sway their way over to them, often leaving them wide open for a nice rock to the head or an unfriendly encounter with a spitting worm. Reaching the top of the hole more or less intact completes the level and awards 1-3 stars. Completing a level with minimal damage tends to award more stars as does collecting coins.

Puller is a good bit of fun. The game keeps adding new hazards and the gameplay is interesting and unique.

Picture 8Screenshot_2015-03-01-01-17-56.pngCoins can be spent on various upgrades, such as magnets to attract coins to you or gloves to climb faster. These can only be used once however. Of course coins can be bought with real cash but there is little need to.

Puller looks pretty nice. Its simple 2D graphics are incredibly detailed and it’s very easy to see what’s happening. The game helpfully zooms in as you navigate hazards to aid you in seeing what’s going on and in general has a nice, warm look. The sound is well done as well there are plenty of sound cues to alert you of things like falling rocks and the sound effects get the job done. The music is relaxing and suits the game well too. The only bad part of the game is its horribly ugly app icon. Eep!

Puller is a good bit of fun and available for free. With fun gameplay, no nasty ads and good presentation Puller is worth playing.

Ounce Bounce Review

Ounce Bounce Review

Mar 8, 2012

With some games it’s not too difficult to guess where the inspiration came from. Others are deliberately random, and that adds to their charm. And some are just sort of inexplicable and are attention-drawing in that way. Ounce Bounce falls into the last category, which is why I tried it out.

Ounce Bounce is the story of a young owl is undertaking flight-training when he accidentally topples backward into a well. The tiny crash-helmeted owl is trapped at the bottom underneath a vast field of strangely suspended debris. Users help him make his way back to the top. In his way are bricks and boards. When crashed into the boards will move slightly, and the bricks will explode for points. It’s an endurance game and Ounce is constantly fighting against gravity, trying to drift up to the top of the well and not falling back down to the bottom. Users help him by swiping their finger up along his path to send him up. Users can rebound him off of boards to gain height, or into bricks to blast a path. The longer Ounce is kept in the air, the higher the score.

It’s a cute game, and the idea is interesting. Crashing into the bricks is quite satisfying, and it’s fun to challenge myself to see how long I can keep Ounce going. But that’s really all I have to say that’s specifically positive.

Truth be told I just didn’t like this game very much. It’s weirdly slow and lackluster, and there is actually very little accuracy when controlling Ounce. He is such a tiny object that swiping across his path only has about a 60% success rate and the lack of control makes it very defeating to play. Ounce himself looks so gloomy and defeated that it makes me wonder why he even wants to leave the well. I gave it a reasonable go but it just didn’t pass the cut.