IndieGoGo Inquiry: Chronic Wellness

IndieGoGo Inquiry: Chronic Wellness

Nov 27, 2013

Surprise! This week our usual KickStarter Spotlight has been replaced by a selection from the other popular crowd-funding website IndieGoGo. This week’s project revolves around a helpful aid to those suffering from chronic illness. I was surprised to learn that 50% of adults in the United States suffer from some sort of chronic illness, and knowing this it is surprising there has not been a greater effort put forth to address this. This lack of tools for sufferers is why ambitious web developer Lindsay Pera created the Chronic Wellness website that has already helped hundreds of people.

Lindsay herself is a chronic pain sufferer and to help cope with her pain she became nearly addicted to ‘tracking’. Tracking is a way to learn more about a personal illness by learning more about how different treatments, medications, diets, or exercise affect ones body. By keeping a detailed record Lindsay was able to make real headway into keeping her condition as painless and under control as possible. Tracking makes sense, and adds a completely empirical way to measuring the body’s reaction to a changing variable.

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Her success lead her to create a website, for the 50% of Americans just like her. The website includes various ways to track a specific condition, and has a plethora of plotting and visual ways to browse what is and is not working. The web-app is very intuitive and it is not hard to see why Chronic Wellness has been so successful.

This IndieGoGo campaign, however, is not for the website, but instead a companion mobile app. Tracking is something that is best done in the moment, after a change has been made and the body’s reaction is prevalent. Having to wait to get home to a computer while at the gym is not exactly the most practical method. Given the quality of the website, I have no reservations about the effort that will go into this app, and I am more than confident that it will be an exceptional mobile tool.

Again, this project is on IndieGoGo, and not KickStarter, but do not let that be a deterrent. For anyone suffering from a chronic pain or illness I would highly recumbent looking into this app, both on the web and potentially for mobile. With less than 9 days left, Chronic Wellness still needs about $13,000 to reach its goal, and it would be a shame if this great service was denied.