WeTransfer Launches Android App

WeTransfer Launches Android App

Aug 28, 2014

After a successful trip on iOS, data transfer utility WeTransfer is now on Android.

The app looks to streamline the ability of mobile device easiers to share and move media within the device; from the press release:

WeTransfer’s free file-transfer app comes to Android today, enabling people to share multiple files from their Android devices with ease.

The app’s functionality takes a lead from WeTransfer’s iOS app launched earlier this year, but also debuts a number of Android-only functions. As well as letting people share up to 10GB of multiple images and videos from their device, the Android app allows users to send pretty much any file from within the operating system through the file transfer functionality.

This incredibly versatile app includes a wide range of key features, including:

· Send any file: Android users will be able to use the “share” button anywhere in the OS to send the selected file(s);
· Transfer pause/resume: If a user wishes to pause a transfer they can do so at any time and resume it when convenient to provide greater control; and
· Contacts access: To send videos and photos, people will also have the ability to use their device’s address book for easy e-mail address selection.

Additional app features include:

· Instantly send multiple images by selecting the first image and double tapping on the last to select all the items in between
· Preview an image or video by tapping and holding it down
· Find images quickly by swiping with two fingers to jump between months
· Skip to the last image in the folder by swiping with three fingers
· Transfer up to 10GB at a time for free
· Have greater transfer control by receiving notifications highlighting a switch from Wi-Fi to 3G or 4G
· Log in to your Plus account by holding down the WeTransfer logo

In typical WeTransfer fashion, there is also no sign-up process to send files. Simplicity of use, and aesthetics of the user-experience, continues to be central to WeTransfer’s philosophy.

The app will also feature WeTransfer’s iconic background imagery designed specifically to fit smartphone screens, mirroring the online version.

Adriaan Trouwee, Head of Mobile at WeTransfer said: “We want to make it as easy as possible for people to send multiple photos or videos to each other from their phones or tablets.

“Say you go on holiday with friends, head to a festival or a great party, and you all take a whole load of photos. Now you can instantly share these moments whenever you want, without losing the quality of the images. Straight from your phone via WeTransfer, to the ones you shared these moments with.

“We’re making it as easy for people to send content they’ve created on their mobiles as it is via our website. And we’re making it a beautiful experience too. Already on iOS, and now on Android too.”

In addition to features available to everyone, ‘Plus’ account holders will also be able to store their transfers in their 50GB cloud storage, which they can later access via the web version of the service.

The app is available for free on the Play Store.