Where’s My Water? 2 Review

Where’s My Water? 2 Review

Oct 17, 2013

Disney’s strategy with regards to the mobile space seems to be generously present. It has underwritten quite a few popular titles in the last couple of years, and Where’s My Water? was definitely a fan favorite. Where’s My Water? 2 is a sequel that is blessed with a good foundation in the Android gaming world.

For fans of the first iteration (or other Disney-made clones like Where’s My Perry), the gameplay will be very, very familiar: the basic idea is to get water through pipes so Swampy could have a much-wanted shower. The game follows the general rules of physics, and so the water is usually in an elevated position, with immovable rock and flexible dirt serving as barriers. To get the water to the penultimate shower pipe, it’s necessary to move the soft dirt, and this is accomplished by swiping away the dirt on by finger. The games gets craftier with advancement, and errant swipes can be costly, especially since the right water threshold must be attained for the Swampy to get enough water. As usual, swampy1the rock cannot be drilled/swiped away, and the rubber duckies are alive and kicking, and available to be “collected” by sustained water contact.

It looks much the same, but with seemingly more vibrant looks. The basic color palette remains similar, but there are a few more environments added in for effect: Soap Factory, Sewer and Beach. The animations are smooth; they retain the cartoon character without being overly silly. The sounds are whimsically appropriate, and all the media comes together quite well.

Probably one of the biggest changes with regards to the game is the addition of challenges. These are innovative flips in the gameplay that literally turn the game upside down. All of a sudden, ducks become untouchable obstacles, gates are to be avoided and more. In Duck Rush, one has to dig down frantically downwards before the water “disappears” while collecting as ducks on the way. There are hints, boosts and facebook functionality built in.

It’s an intense reboot, with a good deal variation that keeps it fresh. There is a lot of the same, and this might be a barrier for some, but the game is a nice one all the same.

Where’s My Mickey? Review

Where’s My Mickey? Review

Jul 25, 2013

Where’s My Mickey is another physics game from Disney. With Mickey.

The gameplay is quite familiar; to get Mickey’s lemonade stand going, we need to help him get water. To do so, it means that we have to do some carving to move earth so that the water can make its way to Mickey.

Basics rules of physics somewhat still hold, so gravity is a huge concern with regards to solving puzzles.

Problems are generally presented thus: in a particular level, there is usually a water source, usually at height. There is also a powered pipe or two — or three — that transport water to Mickey. Between the pipes and water is an obstacle, usually dirt and earthen material; such materials can generally be altered and/or removed by a swipe off the finger. mickey1In essence, a path can be tunneled to guide the water to our grand lemonade maker.

On its own, carving the makeshift aqueducts is challenging in and of itself; the addition of stars makes it even more challenging. In each level, three stars are available to “pop” by filling it up with water. In the first level, they are arranged in a straight line from the temporary reservoir of water to the drain pipe, so an easy, single swipe solves the puzzle. After that, the placement makes it so that getting all three is particularly tough; at some points, it is hard enough to get the water (or just enough of it) where it needs to go without getting any stars. In any case, the game keeps a count of stars earned for the truly competitive.

I like the graphics… this IS your grandma’s Mickey. The game is cool in using an retro Mickey in cutscenes, and the graphics in the game itseelf reflect the same design ideas.

The biggest drawback, for me at least, is the familiarity. For all the fun the game brings, it’s a bit natural to view Mickey with green skin and a snout. The solutions are different, the back story is charming, but I still could not get Disney’s penultimate physics game out of my mind.

It straight up fun, and familiarity is definitely not the worst attribute a mobile game can have.

Where’s My Water? Available for Free on Amazon Appstore Today

While price drops to free may not necessarily be a good thing as far as justifying the price of paid apps, we here at Android Rundown would be remiss if a great freebie came along and our readers didn’t know about it. This one is a doozy, too. Disney’s physics puzzler Where’s My Water? is available for free today on the Amazon Appstore. This should prove to be a great bargain to new Android owners, especially those who have the Kindle Fire. This is one of the best mobile games of 2011, so every Android owner who hasn’t picked up the game yet should do so immediately. This is the second major free promotion for the game – Apple gave the iOS version away for free as part of a promotion on their Facebook page, which has also included other major titles like Jetpack Joyride and Bejeweled. The Amazon free promotion ends at around midnight Pacific time, so interested parties should click here to download immediately!

Where’s My Water? Review

Where’s My Water? Review

Nov 29, 2011

Swampy the Alligator is a contradiction. He’s an alligator, cursed to live in the swamps and sewers that his kind normally dwell. Yet, he is a creature of grace and dignity – he prefers to eat with utensils and napkins, and likes to keep himself clean. Yet, clean water is difficult to come by in the sewers. So, Swampy gets into situations where he can get his water to take his precious baths, but he leaves it up to a benevolent unknown force – the player – to make the water get to him. The player must cut through dirt to guide water into a pipe that reaches Swampy. As well, there are bad elements, such as slime and corrosive acid, that must not reach Swampy’s pipe, but must occasionally be used to clear paths for Swampy’s bathwater to reach its intended destination.

This game follows the same formula that Angry Birds and Cut the Rope followed to great success, namely: “cute character + physics puzzles = profit.” Well, it works! Where’s My Water is extremely fun, and the puzzles offer plenty of variety, and challenging levels. Many demand quick timing, and thinking on one’s feet in order to succeed. It also has that intangible element, that factor that made me want to earn three ducks (this game’s star system) whenever possible, and to keep playing until I suddenly realized that I had just played through an entire set of levels in one burst. There’s a ton of content at launch as well, with 132 levels available, including the first major content update that hit iOS. This game is published by Disney, and it shows; Swampy is exceptionally animated, and his reactions to success and failure are a large part of the emotional connection that forms while playing. While using a tablet like the Xoom in portrait orientation over time is annoying, the game does run perfectly well on them.

The only real concern with Where’s My Water is that learning to use the touch controls precisely takes some time; issues with accidentally cutting to an unintended spot will happen, but they are a big part of the game’s learning curve. This physics puzzler deserves to be in the echelon of Angry Birds and Cut the Rope, and is a highly-recommended use of a dollar.

Disney Mobile Brings Hit Game Where’s My Water? to Android

We had the opportunity to speak with Bart Decrem, GM of Disney Mobile, about Where’s My Water?, a success on the iOS App Store, coming to the Android platform for the first time.

According to Decrem, Android has been part of the plan since the development of Where’s My Water? for the iPhone crowd. In fact, the game was originally developed with C++, to make it easier to port to Android. The challenge, he said, is making sure the game is the same high quality experience across the myriad devices represented by Google’s hip operating system. Disney Mobile promised that Where’s My Water? can be played on over 700 different Android devices, which basically amounts to all devices that have been released in the past two years, excluding budget devices.

What makes the game such a hit, says, Decrem, is not just the well-tuned puzzles, but the original character, Swampy the Alligator – a Disney style character that players get water for to help him take a bath.

Disney also announced that Swampy will make his debut online in a 12 episode web series called, Where’s My Water?, the Adventures of Swampy. The 3-4 minute weekly episodes are slated to launch on Disney Online in January. Whether this drives purchases of the game remains to be seen, though taking Angry Birds as an example, a transmedia approach can work well.

Where’s My Water? is available now in the Android Market for $0.99.