Wind-Up Knight 2’s Brimstone Deep Update Finally on Android!

Wind-Up Knight 2’s Brimstone Deep Update Finally on Android!

Jul 3, 2014

The long-awaited Brimstone Deep update for Wind-up Knight 2 is finally available on Android. It’s a brand new set of levels at the end of the game, aiming to set you on fire, because it’s made of lava, you see. Check out the update on Google Play now.

As well, developer Robot Invader has been experimenting with a couple of nifty smaller games worth checking out: there’s the arena survival game Cybergon, and the endless-runner-meets-Othello game Tapthello!

Wind-up Knight 2 Review

Wind-up Knight 2 Review

Apr 22, 2014

Some things never stop being cool. Afros. William Shatner doing karaoke. Swashbuckling knights.

Wind-up Knight shows that even wound-up armor can come correct. It also shows sequels can live up to the hype.

The graphical presentation is done quite well, with cute characterizations and excellent use of color. The animations are fluid, and work well with the scene-to-scene stills that make up a lot of the background. The artwork is vivid, and becoming.

As far as gameplay goes, we get side scrolling platform action; our wound-up hero is armed with a sword and a wind1shield, and can jump and duck too. Correspondingly, their are virtual buttons that control jumping, attack, defense and such towards the bottom of the screen.

The first level launches the gameplay in all its glory. The knight progresses from left to right, jumping across obstacles and working to acquire jewels. Soon, there are correct live creatures blocking the way, and jumping won’t work. Here, the sword becomes useful to slash through these beings that can do end the the run otherwise.

In this initial level, the appreciable quirks show up. At one point, the knight starts going in the opposite direction after a downwards jump, and then switches back to left-to-right again. I liked these little switch-ups a great deal, as they ensure players stay on their toes. Down the line, other dangers appear, like dropping seeds that require the shield. The environments become more varied as well.

A finish line denotes the end of the level, and success depends on the number of jewels collected, with gold coins being the payout. The entire game can be unlocked for a fixed price, but isn’t necessary to enjoy. Customization and power-ups are also available; for the truly competitive, there is a tournament mode (with leaderboards) and side quests to tackle, and I especially like the latter because it gives a reason to play levels again. The in-app store allows for upgrades to equipment and customization efforts for gold coins or real cash.

The game is pretty tight, easy to get hooked on priced right. Ready and waiting, Sir Gamer.

Android Rundown on Twitch Recap: Wind-Up Knight 2, Block Legend, Smash Hit, and Deadlings!

Android Rundown on Twitch Recap: Wind-Up Knight 2, Block Legend, Smash Hit, and Deadlings!

Mar 11, 2014

Get a case of the Mondays and missed our streams of some recent releases and one big upcoming one? Click here to watch Monday’s broadcast, and catch the highlights below.

Wind-Up Knight 2: Over on the 148Apps Twitch channel, Robot Invader joined up to chat about the upcoming auto-runner platformer. Watch the whole broadcast here, or check out this highlight of some of the bonus challenges:

Block Legend: This goofy puzzle-RPG features retro looks and gameplay that isn’t just another match-3 game:

Smash Hit: The oddly-named Mediocre has a new game about smashing glass by launching metal balls at the oncoming panes. It’s surprisingly gorgeous.

Deadlings: The grim reaper is lonely! So use zombies to solve puzzles! It makes sense, I think!

As always, follow us on Twitch to find out when we go live next!

Robot Invader Has Officially Lost It with Controller Support for Wind-up Knight 2 with Taiko Drum Master Support

Robot Invader Has Officially Lost It with Controller Support for Wind-up Knight 2 with Taiko Drum Master Support

Jan 30, 2014

Last week, we shared a photo of Robot Invader testing various gamepads with Wind-up Knight 2, their upcoming sequel to their hit auto-running platform game. But in case you thought they weren’t serious about gamepad support, watch this video they released showing all the crazy controllers they tested with. Dreamcast controllers? The Pop’n Music controller? Taiko Drum Master drums? The Rez trance vibrator? All tested!

Notably untested is Donkey Konga bongo support. Hey, it works for Divekick!

Wind-up Knight 2 is coming soon. Ready your controllers. All of them.

Robot Invader announces Wind-up Knight 2

Robot Invader announces Wind-up Knight 2

Dec 12, 2013

While self-admittedly quiet as of late, the studio behind Rise of the Blobs and Wind-up Knight have been hard at work on a new game, Wind-up Knight 2. The follow up to one of the most popular mobile games of 2011 promises to be more than just new levels from the first game. As the developer states:

Fans have contacted us from around the globe (the US represents only 1/4th of our user base!) to ask for new levels and expansions. But we’ve done better than that: Wind-up Knight 2 is an entirely new game.

Robot Invader hasn’t released many more details, but promise more information is coming and that Wind-up Knight 2 should be arriving sometime in early 2014. They did manage to provide some screen shots to this upcoming title, however.