Norsfell Releases WinterForts: Exiled Kingdom! on Android

Norsfell Releases WinterForts: Exiled Kingdom! on Android

Oct 8, 2014

Norsfell is bringing WinterForts: Exiled Kingdom! to Android.

The game is described as an “anti-Boom Beach clone” and boasts some innovative features that should set it apart from other city builders; for example, the game engine is said to allow enemy troops the ability to create new spawn points by destroying structures. Also, the developer changes the optimal positioning paradigm by encouraging exploration and opportunity costs of specific placements.

The game also has an interesting allegiance system.

Features per the official press release:

– PLAY with thousands of other players online and make new friends
– BUILD your own fort into a prosperous and undefeatable fortress
– CRAFT your way through the snow to create a strategic maze of corridors
– GATHER gold nuggets, dragon meat and much more with your workers
– RAID enemy forts in unique battles inspired by tower defense and RTS games
– SWEAR allegiance to one of the 8 Houses of Drahalla and honor your banner
– EXPLORE the world of WinterForts with its legendary lore and fantasy art style

The game is available on the Play Store for free (with in-app purchasing).

[Source: Norsfell Press Release]