Wisp Review

Wisp Review

Aug 9, 2011

When you think of the hero in an action game, what sort of imagery comes to mind? Probably a space marine wearing 600lbs of power armor, or a heavily armored knight with a sword that’s longer than he is tall. The last thing you’d probably think of would be a tiny ball of light, but Wisp’s hero is, well, a wisp.

As a wisp, you’ll face a number of challenges. First, you’ll have to find three glowing orbs in each level – that one’s not so tough, just explore – you’ll find them. The real challenges come in the form of obstacles like spider webs, and a black ooze that will kill you instantly. While you don’t have any basic attacks at your disposal, you will find power ups throughout the game that give you temporary powers suited to overcoming the various environmental obstacles you’ll encounter.

Wisp does a great job of gradually building up the difficulty level as you progress though the game. Unfortunately, a fair chunk of that difficulty comes from the controls rather than the solid level design. You steer your wisp by holding your finger on the screen to ascend, and tilting the phone to move left or right. While the control scheme itself isn’t directly flawed, Wisp’s physics make it very difficult to use those controls effectively. For example, as you shift direction from left to right, your wisp will pull to the left for a second or so, as if to resist the directional change. Most of the time it isn’t a major problem, but when navigating through tight spaces, the control scheme is likely to get you killed.

Despite the issues with the controls, Wisp still offers up some interesting and enjoyable gameplay. That, combined with a great sense of style makes Wisp a game worth checking out. If you’re not convinced, check out the demo. In fact, even if you are convinced, check out the demo anyway – it offers up levels not present in the full version of the game, making it worthwhile even if you’re definitely getting the full version.

With a solid sense of style, a unique demo, and some interesting gameplay, Wisp is definitely worth checking out.