Wizard Ops Tactics Review

Wizard Ops Tactics Review

May 21, 2013

The turn-based strategy game is a perfect game for tablets and mobile phones. When you’ve got 5 minutes to spare, make your move and get on with your day. Sounds great, at least in theory.

With Wizard Ops Tactics, you’ve got such a game. You control 3 wizards, each with their own affinity and powers, and your job is to take out the other 3 wizards or control a magical orb on the map for 3 turns.

There’s some depth here, with there being plenty of different attacks and the ability to level up your wizards should you ever finish enough games. More on that in a bit.

It’s also a neat idea to have the locations of the battles have such an effect on gameplay, with poisoned water, hot springs and other natural hazards forcing you to rethink some moves. So whilst the game has a solid foundation and is built on a good idea, it’s hard to recommend.

WizardOps8There are a number of problems with this game. The controls are pretty poor and some elements of the game aren’t very well explained. To move your character, you tap on the wizard you want and then tap where you want them to go.

Sounds simple, but it’s drawn out and clumsy. Getting your characters to move and act takes much longer than it should, requiring tap after tap to confirm each action. Heaven forbid you want to cancel a maneuver.

The battles are always against another person – in either online or ‘pass and play’ mode. It’s online where you’ll be earning XP and money (to buy more units) and it’s online where the pace of the game just grinds to a halt.

Each move, as mentioned, takes an age and waiting for your opponent to move can literally take days. This removes all sense of urgency or consistency within each battle. Each time you load up a fight, you’ll do well to remind yourself of what you did last move or what your plan for the match was.

It also kills the game dead when every turn is punctuated by an advert that fills the entire screen and takes at least 20 seconds to disappear. It may not sound like much, but it truly kills any momentum the game has and stops any desire I have to play the game.