Word Monsters Review

Word Monsters Review

Aug 4, 2014

Word games always have been a great fit for mobile. Simple and fun and good on small screens their bite size gameplay words great for the modern gamer on the go. Word Monsters is a deliciously biscuity new word game

Screenshot_2014-07-28-05-24-23Word Monsters is more about speed than any tricky gameplay. The player is presented with a pile of letter cookies and a theme, say girls names or things found around the house. The idea is to find words fitting in with that theme. Once found, dragging over the word removes it and the letter above fall down and create new words. The gird is very small and each game has a forty second time limit. The key to the big points is moving quickly. Once all the words are found the player is scored which mostly boils down to how fast they were, is awarded a few coins and the other player takes their turn if they haven’t already.

New themes for words can be purchased with in game coins. Coins are gained very slowly, but most of the themes aren’t too expensive and the game is lots of fun and never pushes the player to purchase anything.

Screenshot_2014-07-28-20-01-00Cookies are the game’s premium currency and they are used to cheat during gameplay. They can be used to provide a hint, slow the timer and so on. Some monster items and themes require coins as well but it never feels like the player must purchase them. Coins are handed out rarely during a minigame on the title screen and as a prize for winning weekly leagues.

Word Monsters has a few quirks. The game wants you to pick words in a certain order, even if that might not be obvious. Eating words in the wrong order leaves random letters over at the end, making it impossible to finish. The game also notifies you that players have quit after a game when they obviously haven’t. This is likely a minor bug.

Word Monsters has a super cute cookie based presentation which works very well. The titular monsters dance and wave as they laugh and giggle. The player can dress them up and customize their features, although most of these cost coins. The music is super catchy as well, especially the tick tocking theme when actually playing a game. Word Monsters feels warm and inviting.

Word Monsters has a pretty robust league system for a game that’s looks like it is made for kids. Beating players in a league kicks the player up to a higher league while losing moves them down. There are cookie and coins rewards for doing well in a league as well. With no pesky energy system anyone who enjoys Word Monsters will find no shortage of tougher opponents.

Word Monsters is good stuff. It is impossible not to be charmed by its graphics. The price of some themes may annoy and the rather jarring leftover letters mechanic is questionable, but there’s plenty of wordy fun for puzzle heads here.