Wordsplosion Review

Wordsplosion Review

Mar 8, 2013

Wordsplosion from (Concrete Software) is a word guessing game that taxes the patience, gets fingernails bitten and raises blood pressure.

In a good way.

It was a pulse-racing game of pick five with a limited amount of tries set against a clock. To win, I had to take the opening hint (I got the first letter) and figure out the remaining four. A wrong guess or a time out counted as a try, so it kind of made sense to guess valid words with the hope of picking up a few more right letters. The correct letters were set aside even if I guessed a word that had them in the wrong position; to explain, if the correct word was “BURST” and I guessed “BRAWN” instead, the “R” was retained in a hold space above the guessing grid. In this way, it was possible to narrow down the alphabet and create a word scramble of sorts. I also got hints, and success yielded more hints.

I got to keep on going as far as I could go as long as I did not miss five words overall. Correct guesses and streaks earned me points. The game did seem to possess an expansive dictionary as well.

When Concrete Software does things, it usually comes correct. The graphics in this game mirrored standard Concrete fare; the game looked very, very good, with explosive animations denoting success and dismal flagged signs signifying defeat. The blue background was perfect for the game show feel, and the little things (like the bubble encasing correctly guessed words) looked vibrant. The sounds were equally explosive.

The game came in freemium flavor, and I appreciated that ads could be removed via in-app purchase. I also liked the built in Twitter and Facebook sharing functionality. The leaderboard was another nice touch.

Again, another nice title from Concrete, and again, what did I expect?