Stick Soccer Review

Stick Soccer Review

Jul 22, 2014

Stick Soccer is yet another attempt to celebrate the now-passed World Cup. Is it worth playing?

Stick Soccer is less soccer and more a series of penalty shootouts. Soccer balls bounce across the screen and a simple swipe arcs them towards the goal. A goalie and a few opposing players stand around to block shots. There is no actual soccer played in Stick Soccer. It is simply a series of shots on goal and no other players move besides the keeper. Despite this, whatever team opposes the player scores regularly during the game. Winning the game by scoring more goals than the opponent completes the level and unlocks a new, harder one against a different nation. Stick Soccer gets tough in a hurry. The first few levels aren’t too hard, but the game rapidly requires pinpoint accuracy and there is never any indication as to why certain shots beat the keeper or not. The game lacks a power meter or any other influence on shots besides swiping, which just isn’t accurate or engaging enough to be enjoyable. Besides the normal single player mode, a Time Attack mode is also included. This features the same gameplay, except even harder.

Screenshot_2014-07-08-05-01-29Stick Soccer’s gameplay is framed in a neat system where scoring goals adds to that nation’s global total which is shown in the main menu. Thus the game is sort of a global competition which is a nice motivation to play.

Stick Soccer isn’t a very fun game. It is difficult and its shallow gameplay is uninteresting. It is often unclear how to beat the keeper and most of the time scoring seems like simple luck. Fueling this belief is the fact that there is an in game shop with soccer boots for sale which boost the player’s stats. Some pairs can be unlocked by playing the game, but the criteria for unlocking them is tough to complete and the game would really like you to pay.

Screenshot_2014-07-08-05-02-24Stick Soccer lives up to its name. Tall, stick like soccer players dominate the game and the animation is very basic. Stick Soccer just doesn’t have much to look at. Soundwise, the game is just as simple. Besides a roaring crowd and the sound of bouncing balls, there is little to hear.

Stick Soccer’s replay value can be measured in minutes. Its one dimensional gameplay and reliance on in-app purchases doesn’t really make it an enjoyable experience.

Stick Soccer isn’t much fun and is little more than another shallow game based on soccer fever. There are much better World Cup themed games to play on Android. check out Winning Kick instead for a more interesting gameplay experience.

Winning Kick Review

Winning Kick Review

Jun 27, 2014

Winning Kick feels good to play not only because it’s a bit of fun, but also because 50% of all proceeds from the game go to the Charity Ball, a organization that provides soccer balls to kids in developing countries. This is a great idea. Luckily, the game is enjoyable as well.

Screenshot_2014-06-25-09-42-17Winning Kick is simple yet effective. It is less a soccer game and more a game of timing. The game starts with one of the players with the ball. An arrow moves quickly back and forth. The idea is to tap to pass the ball when it is aimed at another player so they receive it. In this way the ball can be worked towards the goal player by player, avoiding the keeper as well. Once a goal is scored, the ball is given to a random defender and the cycle starts again with the goal to set the highest score.

Both the player’s team and their opponents walk around constantly, making it harder to aim If the ball is stolen by an opponent or doesn’t hit a teammate the game is over. A limited amount of retries can be used to continue where the player left off or they have to start all over again.

Screenshot_2014-06-25-09-30-15Winning Kick might seem overly simple but it’s a very pick up and play game and its presentation really give it some charm as well. Some sharp 8 bit style graphics lend the game a warm air and the sound consists of some great chip tune style music that, while an odd fit for football are catchy as anything. More music would be nice as what’s in the game is so fun to listen to. The other sound effects are limited to basic kicking sounds and the crowd cheering.

Winning Kick has in app purchases, but they are limited just to purchasing retries and golden balls which provide more powerful, faster shots. Neither of these are required to enjoy the game.

Winning Kick is a simple but fun game for killing few minutes. Players expecting an actual game of football will be sorely disappointed, but it makes for an enjoyable way to pass the time.

FIFA 14 by EA Sports Updated for World Cup, Will Have National Teams and Real Tournament Matches When World Cup Starts

FIFA 14 by EA Sports Updated for World Cup, Will Have National Teams and Real Tournament Matches When World Cup Starts

May 22, 2014

FIFA 14 has been updated ahead of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. From now until June 12th, there will be six “Matches of the Week” each week featuring top matches from the World Cup qualifiers. And when the World Cup starts, the 32 National Teams will be added to “Matches of the Week” based on the real tournament schedule, 12 each week. The FIFA 14 update is available now on Google PlayUsers outside of North America can download it here.