Wreck’em Racing Review

Wreck’em Racing Review

May 22, 2014

Any top down race game reminds me of Micro Machines from the nineties and Wreck‘em Racing is no exception in that.


Wreck‘em Racing is a top down race game with colorful cars on a million different tracks. A million? Well, yes, technically the number of tracks is endless, because the London based developer Ludobit has implemented a random track generator, which allows the game to make the track where the player is about the race on, on the fly, resulting in never racing on the same track. It’s one of the most strong pillars of the game and definitely something other Android arcade racers could benefit from. Although, there is one downside to the generator: players can not memorize the tracks, so training on that very difficult curve is out of the question.

And training is something players have to commit to, playing Wreck’em Racing. The game has a on-screen steering wheel instead of arrows or analog stick and it takes some time getting used to that. The wheel directly controls the car – so when its upside down, the wheel is not inverted or anything, players need to steer as if the where upside too. Mainly in the beginning, this is very rough. But when I changed the HUD to a bigger scale, it was manageable. Another negative element is the fact the Wreck’em Racing lacks the feeling of going really fast. I never got the idea of driving a fast car, mainly because the topspeed isn’t that high.

The game, however, gives players small customization options. During races, players collect piles of junk. With that junk, they can modify their car – from color to the chassis, exhausts, bumpers to the type of car they prefer. It is not that enhanced and complicated, but this way, Wreck’em Racing offers just a little bit more depth than other arcade racers. Besides racing normal races, the game offers challenges and mission to complete. When completed, players get rewarded with more junk, so they can modify the car even more and win more races.

The biggest thing holding Wreck’em Racing back, is its control scheme. The on-screen steering takes a lot of time getting used to and many times, while steering the car, it will result in a time consuming spin. But overall, the game offers enough content and just that amount of depth to keeps things interesting.