After a few months, YouTube TV is beginning to grow on me

After a few months, YouTube TV is beginning to grow on me

Jan 10, 2018

It’s a cord cutter’s world (it seems) and we just live in it. I truly believe more of us are beginning to enjoy said world. There are quite a few options for folks trying to forego traditional cable television, and YouTube TV is definitely one that has created some buzz. After a several weeks (going on months) trying it out, here are some of our thoughts.

  • Location, location… location! It’s still all about where you live. The list of supported locales is growing though.
  • Sports lovers will probably smile, but probably won’t cackle out loud. ESPN remains a big draw, and there are other local sports options,but there a few staples that are not standard yet. Still, there are some bright spots; for instance, hardcore soccer fans can recover from USA not making the World Cup with a soccer-laden add-on which runs for $15 per month extra.
  • Unlimited DVR is just as cool as it sounds. The ability is pause, forward and rewind live shows isn’t remotely innovative, but it is awesome. Before long, it is easy to have a large collection of shows and movies, albeit edited for broadcast TV and consisting of ads. Hello, 30 for 30; greetings, Law & Order: Criminal Intent.
  • Controlling shows on phone or tablet is okay, but your might crave a bona fide remote control every now and then, a la Amazon Fire TV. It’s great being able to stream from any number of devices (including the Youtube TV app on iOS devices), but your smartphone might not have the most “natural” feel when it comes to managing the broadcasts.
  • The Chromecast offer (get a new one “free” after paying for the service for a month) is worth it. If you haven’t yet upgraded to the latest version, it is definitely a true upgrade performance-wise. The hand-offs are much quicker, it’s easier to engage and disengage the stream and there are definitely fewer latency issues.

The list of metros that have the service available continues to grow, and the no obligation trial makes it easy to try.

My App Addiction: YouTube

My App Addiction: YouTube

Jun 30, 2017

Up till that point, it was probably my happiest day.


I was trying to recapture a part of my youth. See, kids today don’t understand how music videos transformed our lives. Back then, cable was not a luxury my dad was ever going to pay for, and our only way of seeing our favorite musician do their thing were the patched together VHS tapes that folks peddled in the open air markets.

We had informal trading clubs.

And then came MTV and them. And internet at home.

And then, I stumbled on YouTube.

I was searching for a music video from way back when… via MSN search, if memory serves me correctly. I could not believe that I could find and watch MC Hammer online. Score.

Since then, it has grown from a bookmark constant to an indispensable mobile app. Education, entertainment, work tool and content distribution all rolled up in one. I have a thing for Nollywood videos, and YouTube is my go-to utility for this type of free content, and more multicultural stuff. There are so many things one can find on YouTube that is hard to find elsewhere, and then there is the added benefit of having relatively clean content.


And the scary thing is that it continues to get better. As a free repository, it is virtually peerless, but even Google’s more recent commercial additions are not off-putting. YouTube Red isn’t a bad value, especially when matched with a Google Play Music subscription. The ability to purchase content is a bonus, and YouTube TV isn’t perfect, but definitely worth checking out, I think.

I am unabashed fan. The app is an everyday thing for me, so much so that I expect it to be on every device I use, from TV to Amazon Fire to tablet to smartphone.

And beyond.

YouTube rolls out updated app version

YouTube rolls out updated app version

Jun 3, 2017

YouTube is getting a new build which should make it more usable; now, users can get to their content and lists more easily.

Per Google Play:

A new design makes it easier to use YouTube:

• Find your watch history, uploads, purchases, and playlists in the new Library tab

• Reach tabs more easily and switch between them from any screen

• See more videos with a smaller navigation bar

• Switch accounts, view notifications, and manage settings by tapping your avatar

The new design will gradually be available to everyone.

YouTube is available for free on Google Play.

YouTube TV goes live in select cities

YouTube TV goes live in select cities

Apr 7, 2017

We heard recently that the new cable-cutting option YouTube TV, and now we hear the service has gone live in a few metropolitan areas.

If you’re in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, or San Francisco Bay areas, the service might just be available.


Wait, what? You hadn’t heard about YouTube TV till now? We’re happy to explain.

The service gives consumers a slate of 40 premium channels — including ESPN, USA, FX, Bravo and more — for $35 per month.

It offers infinite DVR storage space, six accounts, and the expected access from internet connected devices (computers, mobile devices and Chromecast-ready devices). Of course, when it comes to mobile devices, Android users are covered.

Tempted? There is a one month free trial.


[via YouTube Official Blog]

YouTube Announces Live TV Service

YouTube Announces Live TV Service

Feb 28, 2017

YouTube TV is here.

This interesting service might get the cable companies rethinking strategy.

The features:

– Live TV streaming from ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, regional sports networks and dozens of popular cable networks.

– A cloud DVR, with no storage limits.

– A service that works great on all your screens.

– YouTube Red Originals.

– Six accounts, one price.

– Half the cost of cable with zero commitments.

All available on all one’s screens… even mobile.

YouTube Live is on its way to be released in big cities first, with more to follow.


YouTube Gaming Gets New Features via Update

YouTube Gaming Gets New Features via Update

Oct 16, 2015

YouTube Gaming has an update going out now.

One major feature added is Mobile Capture, which allows players to record and live stream gameplay on the go from Android devices.

Also, there is a new beta Subscription feature which allows people to fan fund content creation.

More features, per the presser, include:

– More easily see when there are live streams for games in your collection
– Easier video bookmarking with Watch Later
– Improved performance and a redesigned watch page on
– Better search navigation on iOS by remembering your previous searches
– Import existing subscriptions anytime from YouTube via Settings

For more specific details, check out the YouTube Gaming Blog Post detailing the changes. It remains free on Google Play.

youtube gaming1

[via Youtube Gaming Post]

Google Launches YouTube Gaming

Google Launches YouTube Gaming

Aug 26, 2015

YouTube Gaming is a new service that allows folks to immerse themselves further into games they play. There’s a lot of streams to pick from, and numerous ways to stay connected.

Per the Android app page:

YouTube Gaming keeps you connected to the games, players, and culture that matter to you. Featuring videos and live streams with chat — including let’s plays, reviews, speedruns, trailers, and more from your favorite gamers and publishers — you can explore the games you care about more deeply than ever before.
With videos covering Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto, League of Legends, Call of Duty, Garry’s Mod, and tens of thousands more, it’s all on YouTube Gaming.

Note that you may encounter mature content in YouTube Gaming.

• Watch videos from more than 25,000 games
• Experience live streams while chatting with other gamers
• Get recommended videos based on games you love

• Browse dedicated pages for every game, as well as publisher and gamer channels
• Explore categories from reviews to let’s plays, machinima, eSports, and more
• Favorite your games and channels for updates and easy access

• Receive live stream notifications to keep up with the action
• Join a community of publishers and gamers over 100 million strong
• Tune in to live streams of events like E3, PAX, and Gamescom

The app is available now, for free.

[via YouTube Blogpost]

YouTube Adds Homepage Tweaks via Update

YouTube Adds Homepage Tweaks via Update

Jan 23, 2015

Google is hard at work improving its core Android apps; YouTube is getting an update that is rolling out currently.

Per the app page:

It’s easier than ever to find new music and rock out to old favorites on YouTube. Discover songs and artists on a music homepage made just for you. Listen to an endless YouTube Mix inspired by your favorite song or artist. Play albums fast – right from search.

YouTube remains free on the Play Store.

[Source: Google Play Store Page]

Looking to Watch the State of the Union Live? Check out YouTube.

Looking to Watch the State of the Union Live? Check out YouTube.

Jan 20, 2015

For those looking to dial in on the President’s annual State of the Union address, there is yet another online/mobile option: YouTube.

Starting at 9 PM ET tonight, folks with internet access can navigate to the White House YouTube Channel to access the address live. That means folks on Android devices with access to the YouTube app and/or can watch and listen President Obama give his remarks.

The White House Channel also serves as a public-facing interaction tool. It highlights life and work in the White House, with access to press briefings, weekly addresses, “raw video” and a whole lot more. It gives interested parties a view of presidential happenings, and even includes information from and about the first family.

There is also an interesting “Catching up with the Curator” series available.

The link (and actual video feed) is shown below. The Android YouTube app is available for free on Google Play.

[Source: AndroidCentral and White House Youtube Channel]

Google Search, Google+ and Youtube receive updates

Google Search, Google+ and Youtube receive updates

Aug 13, 2014

Google is in a giving mood, and at least three of its mobile apps for Android have updates available to Android users.

First up, Google Search is introducing flight card updates that provide alternatives when there are delays. Also, train and bus reminders can be generated from reservation emails received via Gmail. Of course, there are the requisite performance tweaks and bug fixes.

the card changes will be of special interest to people who are invested in Google Now, the voice-driven extension of Google Search.

Next up, the new build of YouTube introduces automatic correction of misspelled search entries, a video quality selector that allows mobile users adjust screen resolution, a fix for voice search and other unnamed fixes and improvements.

Rounding out the list is Google+, Google’s social networking and sharing app. It now allows users to cast media and links from their stream to compatible TVs. It’s also possible to edit Auto Awesome Movies on select devices; and then there are the enhancements and fixes.

If you haven’t seen the updates yet, no sweat; they have been rolling out this week, and should get to you soon.

[Source: Google Play]

Jongla Brings Cross-Platform Messaging and YouTube Sharing to Android

Jongla Brings Cross-Platform Messaging and YouTube Sharing to Android

Jun 17, 2013

Jongla, a free messaging service for mobile devices, is trying to make mobile messaging more cross-platform and more dynamic with more media options. The app, recently updated on Android, allows for users who register with their phone (sorry tablet users, the app isn’t supported yet) to send messages to other users of Jongla, be they on iOS, the upcoming Windows Phone version, or most interestingly, on the web. Jongla features an HTML5 client that lets its users read and send their messages from any web browser. Take that, iMessage!

Jongla’s newest feature is the ability to easily share YouTube videos from within the app. Tapping the + icon to share media now features a YouTube option. This pulls up a mobile web view for YouTube’s site, which then makes it easy to search for videos, or to check out the top videos featured on YouTube’s front page. Then, tap the send arrow, and a link to the video will be added to the message to be sent to your contact. Simple as that.

Jongla is available for free from Google Play.

Magisto Makes Movie Modifications Magically

Magisto sounds like it should be a villain from a comic series ("Fear me, I am Magisto the Malevolent!" might be some of his nefarious dialogue), but no, it's actually an Android app for shooting and editing Android videos magically. Remember Arthur C. Clarke said about technology and magic.

The app is designed to let users shoot a video, or upload one they've alredy taken to the app. They add a title, choose a soundtrack from the on-device library or from the app's selection of licensed music, and then Magisto claims that it will intelligently add in effects, make edits, and splice together footage in a way that is downright magical. There's facial recognition for recognizing who is who in a video, and stabilization can be applied, because we're not all robots who have hands that don't shake. I mean, I'm not, but other people might be.

Once a video is run through Magisto, it can then be shared to Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, and videos can be accessed from any device that runs Magisto, including the iOS app. iOS? Now that is truly nefarious, says Magisto the Malevolent.

Magisto is available for free from Google Play.