Zapresso Review

Zapresso Review

Jul 10, 2013

Bad Crane brings us Zapresso, a game that taxes the mind and finger dexterity.

Most likely, it bring to mind cross-platform hit Bejeweled, but the gamepley is a bit more free-flowing. The square grid that makes up the game has squares of different colors, just like in Bejeweled. It looks appealing, with utilitarian visuals and effective animations.

However, the gameplay had more than just subtle differences. Instead of manipulating the board to get sets of three (or more) jewels of the same color to pop, in this game, the strategy is to zap big clusters of jewels that touch each other. Demolished squares yield points, and are immediately replaced by new, ransom squares that cascade from the top.zap2

And all this is done against a countdown timer. In true arcade style, large zaps cause valuable time bonuses to be earned and added, allowing for more time to score even more points.

I like the special bombs and the flashing squares. Tapping either of these at the right time unleashes explosive stuff that helps take out like-colored squares. There are also built-in penalties that occur if a solitary square is touched; then, standing time is deducted from the countdown timer, thereby reducing the time one can use to accumulate points for higher scores.

I think the true appeal in this game is the ease of play. After a few rounds, I got what I thought was a decent high score. I got my 7-year-old son, did some boating, and watched with dismay as he broke my treasured score on his first try. For a time, we went back and forth, having an immense amount of fun while trying to usurp resultant high scores.

If family fun is a worthy goal, this game fits the bill, and I’ve seen the proof firsthand. It’s a fun game, with plenty of upside.