Blast Blox Review

Blast Blox Review

Oct 28, 2013

Blast Blox is a Tetris-y game that just about out-muscles the game it emulates.

As noted, the gameplay is reminiscent of Tetris in style and general form of gameplay. Blocks fall from the top, and the general idea is stop the blocks from building up to the top. The block structures can be rotated and shifted as they drop to work on fit. Thankfully, this isn’t just a re-branded cascading blocks game. There are several defining points that make it different, and maybe even more challenging.

First, unlike Tetris, the blocked shapes that drop from the top are always in threes. Additionally, the dropping, three-pieced structures were not “hard” per se; if on was lengthwise on the growing structure from the bottom with a section of cube unsupported, that cube keeps on falling to is makes contact with something below.

But the biggest change, one that makes all the difference, is the addition of powered cubes. blast1

There are three of them; there is a flame cube, an explosive cube and a water cube. The developer combines these in a groovy form of rock-paper-scissors. Based on some simple restrictions, the explosive cubes cause affected cubes on the “ground” to turn into wooden cubes. The flaming cube sets adjacent cubes on fire, while the water cube douses and transforms the flame cubes into water cubes which, if at the bottom, drain out to fill the water meter at the bottom. Filling the water meter is what completes the level. Even if not physically at the bottom, water cubes do disolve into the water meter over time.

Now, this all comes together to create a pretty interesting game that requires more strategy and quick reflexes to survive and advance. Placement of colors and powered cubes has important ramifications.

The artwork is kind of smooth, with a lot of blues in the background contrasting with the soft green, blue and reds of the block structures. Soft bubble animations add to the ambiance. I thought the controls could have been much more responsive, and I also think there could have been a bit more definition attached to the structures, but all in all, this is a fun game that puts the umph into Tetris.