Zinio Review

Zinio Review

Aug 7, 2013

Magazines and print in general have had a hard time of late. Sales figures that are falling through the floor and subscriptions being cancelled. It’s a real shame as a large number of printed publications contain some great content and host a number of fantastic writers.

Luckily, we’re now in an age where nearly every magazine has its own ‘digital edition’ now, but even this has caused problems. It can sometimes be confusing to figure out where to get hold of these digital copies and you may end up having to download a whole host of different ‘reader’ applications making the whole process a bit too messy.

Step in Zinio. The latest app that looks to bring all of your e-magazines under one roof, it offers a huge collection of titles from around the world and does it with a simple interface and a good range of personalization options.

Zinio offers content from (currently) 33 different countries and each country’s marketplace gets broken down into sections, such as sport and these get further divided to make finding the magazine you’re after really easy. Did I mention how many magazines this thing has to offer? When I say ‘loads’, I really mean it. The Zinio website mentions something along the lines of 5,500 magazines, but I’m not sure if this covers just English magazines or their international offering as well.unnamedCAAD2L7T

Prices are pretty fair. It’s been a long time since I’ve personally bought a magazine, as they’re roughly £5 a time now. So to see Zinio offering copies of Edge and GAMEStm for £3, as well as subscription offers that increase your savings further, it makes the idea of buying magazines a much more palatable and affordable affair.

It’s clear that buying magazines and the selection is great, but what matters is how the works when reading your content. It works fine, though I sometimes had issues where I was scrolling around the page and the app thought I wanted to turn to the next page. I soon got used to this and managed to avoid this after a couple of minutes of using the app.

Zinio also offers magazines in a plain text format, making any issues of scrolling around on a touch screen disappear. Whenever you are on a page that contains an article and not an advert, the word ‘text’ appears at the bottom of the screen. Tap on this and you’ll be presented with a list of the articles on the pages. Tap on the article you want to read and you’ll be presented with the content in a plain format. Personally, I found this extremely useful as some magazines like to get creative with their formatting. Paragraphs that are intersected with pictures and pull-quotes mayt work when the magazines in your hand, but I find scrolling around an article that’s laid out in a scattered way can be difficult.

On from that, there’s bookmarks that you can insert to make re-reading your favourite articles easy. It’s safe to say that Zinio does exactly what it sets out to do and does it very well. The range of magazines on offer is bound to please even those with the most niche of interests.