Zombie Evil Review

Zombie Evil Review

Jan 30, 2013

What’s going to happen when the zombies come? Likely, the last few humans on earth will be fighting tooth and nail to stay alive. Zombie Evil is a game where that’s exactly what’s happening. The character is one of the last people in the United States who isn’t a zombie. He’s fending off the waves of flesh eaters to try and stay alive.

The controls are pretty easy to use. The character is aloft on a gun turret looking down on all of the approaching zombies. The goal, kill them all. To shoot a weapon, put a finger on the screen where the gun should fire. To move the gun side to side either drag a finger across the screen or lift up the finger and place of the new target.

There doesn’t seem to be a limitation on ammunition. This allows for the spray and pray technique. Just hold a finger on the screen and aim the gun at the zombies. By not lifting a finger, combos are achieved earning more coins.

As zombies are killed, coins or acquired. The claims are used to purchase upgrades used for defense, attacking and the different guards. Some zombies, like the balding blonde haired zombies or the fat ones, take a little bit more to kill. Either do this by upgrading the weapon being used or have them several times with less powerful weapon.

To switch weapons, use the left and right red arrows at the bottom of the screen. There are also different special weapons available. The bottom left corner of the screen will show difference special weapons that are either unlocked or purchased. To use these,press and hold on the icon from the bottom left and drag it to the part of the screen where it is to be used to let go.