Zombie Frontier Review

Zombie Frontier Review

Dec 20, 2012

I know, I know. Zombie shooters are very plentiful, and it’s not even Halloween anymore.

Still Zombie Frontier, a first-person shooter from FT Games, is a zombie game that might still make it on to one’s device — to stay — on its own merits.

The storyline is basic zombie fare: it’s 2020, and a virus has run amok, causing people afflicted with it to turn into flesh-craving marauders. As a survivor, I basically looked to stay alive by destroying as many undead that crossed my path as possible.

The gameplay was simple: waves and waves (and waves) of undead came at me. I had a firearm, and I shot and shot. I had a basic sighting system that helped me to aim, and all I had to do was tap to shoot and reload. I also had an abbreviated virtual direction joystick which allowed me some movement. I learned very quickly that taking the enemy out from distance was the way to go, as the swarm formations definitely helped the zombies closer up. The game was split into missions that I could find on the map; usually, it had to do with rescuing humans from converging zombies.

Different zombies had different attributes; one type for instance was quick but not as physically dangerous. Different weapons had different attributes as well, and the developer did a good job of mixing and matching these. Head shots did the most most damage, and every successful mission yielded game cash and gold, as well as stats.

The game is monetized via in-app purchasing, but I though it was quite possible to upgrade equipment via performance, albeit at a slower pace. The initial weapon, for instance, all but begged to be upgraded, and finishing the original missions helped me accomplish that.

My biggest gripe was that I found the menus a bit convoluted. Some parts could have been a bit more intuitive. It was not an undecipherable menu, just a bit busy for my tastes.

Zombie Frontier is definitely worth a look, and the price is right for just that.