Zombie Granny

Zombie Granny

May 21, 2012

Zombie Granny mixes together a puzzle solving game with cartoony zombies. The puzzles are physics based, with a swinging ball of what looks like electricity somewhere on the screen. With a swipe of a finger on the screen, the ball is dropped. Based on when the tether to the ball is cut, it may or may not hit the zombie. Think of it like Tarzan swinging from vine to vine. If he lets go too soon or too late, the result isn’t what he’d like it to be.

Farther levels bring more complex puzzles. For instance, the first puzzle of the game is to simply cut the tether and drop the ball on the zombie. Next the ball is swinging. Next there are stairs to figure into the equation. The further into the game, the more thought needs to be put into solving the puzzle. The thing is, points are based on the speed at which the level is solved.

In addition to trying to fry the zombies with the ball of electricity, other methods are available too. Boxes can be moved by hitting the box with the ball or by cutting the chain or chains holding something up. When the box is moved, there are puzzle pieces to be collected. Tap on the puzzle piece to pick it up. After the allotted amount of puzzle pieces are collected, achievements are earned.

If the level is just too difficult, a Bomb can be used to complete the level, but gain no points. More bombs can be purchased.

Personally, I like this kind of game a lot. Games like Zombie Granny, get you thinking and are not as dry as some of the other brain teaser games out there. While there probably more than one possible way to zap the zombies, some will take a lot more thinking than others. A little foresight on how the different object will react with one another based on the angle or speed of the swing or falling of the second object is what makes this seemingly simple game difficult.