Zombie Wonderland 2 to Soon Devour Android Owners’ Brains as a Free-to-Play Game

Zombie Wonderland 2 to Soon Devour Android Owners’ Brains as a Free-to-Play Game

Oct 12, 2011

Last year, iOS devices got to know about Zombie Wonderland, a game that mixed elements of tower defense and time management, with good old-fashioned action-based zombie survival gameplay, because everyone loves to kill zombies. Literally, everyone. Even zombies. Because literally everyone loves to kill zombies, developer Xoobis is developing a sequel, and Android owners are going to get to play too.

The sequel adds the requisite set of new environments to play in, including a classic-style diner. As well, new zombies are available to kill, such as ninja zombies, and pharoah zombies. Are mummies technically zombies? Good question. If they rise from their graves, better kill them to be safe. 10 new levels and at least 8 new zombies in all will be available in this game.

Zombie Wonderland 2 is also going down the path of many recent releases and becoming a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. While the exact function of them is unknown at this time, they will likely be used to purchase currency for upgrades, because everyone loves to kill zombies in bigger and better ways. New weapons like the “Baby Death Worm” won’t pay for themselves. I mean that in both the in-game sense and real-world sense; the Baby Death Worm is based off of Death Worm‘s eponymous deadly worm.

This is an example of how the free-to-play model is attracting developers: by designing their games to reach wider audiences, and for serious users to essentially be able’ to pay as much as they “want” for the game, the possibility for wider exposure and wider streams of revenue because of it. Does it sound ugly to talk about games in terms of how they can make money? Sure. But even many independent game developers are doing this to make a living, to try and make some money. In order to make money, one has to use the best tactics to actually make money. It appears as if Zombie Wonderland 2 is taking that tactic. At worst, it’s more free games for all of us! Zombie Wonderland 2 is coming ‘soon’. Until ‘soon’, check out a trailer and some concept art below.