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Welcome to the top list for the currently most popular Top Free Apps in the Brain & Puzzle Games category.

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Shoot Bubble Deluxe

1) Shoot Bubble Deluxe

Released by: City Games LLC
Downloads: >250,000
User Rating: 4.02 / 5 with 485,065 ratings

This is the only shoot bubble game that contains both Puzzle mode & Arcade Mode
Chess Free

2) Chess Free

Released by: AI Factory Limited
Downloads: >250,000
User Rating: 4.49 / 5 with 604,310 ratings

The timeless game of intellectual warfare. Are you a grand master in the making?

3) Plumber

Released by: Magma Mobile
Downloads: >250,000
User Rating: 4.39 / 5 with 122,227 ratings

Plumber is a free easy-to-use puzzle game with HD graphics
Checkers Free

4) Checkers Free

Released by: Optime Software
Downloads: >250,000
User Rating: 4.14 / 5 with 34,464 ratings

Take the classic game of Checkers with you wherever you go with Checkers Free!