Google to Shut Down App Inventor, Their Tool for Making Android Apps Without Programming Knowledge

A tool for allowing those unfamiliar with programming to make Android apps is currently being phased out by Google. App Inventor, a Google Labs product, allowed those with no programming experience to make simple apps like basic games and quiz apps, which could use built-in Android features like the accelerometer and even text to speech. However, with Google shutting down their Google Labs, App Inventor will be going away by the end of the year. However, App Inventor will not be disappearing entirely, as Google claims that “because of App Inventor’s success in the education space, we are exploring opportunities to support the educational use of App Inventor on an open source platform.” However, this will likely only make it more difficult to use and access App Inventor, though it will be around for a long time. Or perhaps a third party will begin hosting it, similar to how Apache now runs Google Wave. Click here to access App Inventor…while you still can!

Carter Dotson
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