Jayenkai Brings His Games to Google Play

Jayenkai Brings His Games to Google Play

Jun 17, 2013

Jayenkai aka James Gamble, profiled earlier this year, has just made it easier to play his wide variety of interesting games, many made as part of AGameAWeek. That’s right, he’s now releasing games on Google Play. Huzzah!

The star of the five titles that’s available is Spike Dislike 2. While the game was previously available on Android through his site, it was in a limited form compared to the iOS version because he had no reliable way to sell it! Now that he does, Android players can get in on the dislike of spikes for themselves across multiple game modes.

As well, there are several free titles available: the vaguely familiar Blockman Gets Hungry; Arcade Slots which mixes randomized slot machine gameplay with arcade mechanics like characters running across the screen; the arcade jumping game Hoppy Bobby; and finally, the challenging card game CardAgain. Check out his developer page on Google Play to see his list of titles and to download them.

Carter Dotson
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