Trick or Tracker Helps Parents Keep Track of Children on Halloween

Trick or Tracker Helps Parents Keep Track of Children on Halloween

Oct 28, 2011

Ah, Halloween, that magical time when kids explore the neighborhood, knocking on strangers’ doors in hopes of free candy. It’s a tradition that could definitely not be started up in modern times, what with the fear of “Stranger Danger” and the stigma of accepting candy from unknown people. Plus, everyone is in costume! What could go wrong?

Thankfully, for parents looking to let their kids continue this proud tradition while keeping them safe, there’s Trick or Tracker. This Android app (a tracker, not a trick) allows parents to see where their kids are. When the app is installed on both a parent and child’s phone, it allows for the child to be tracked easily from the parent’s phone. The parent can see where their child is, and can easily send a message via the app to the child. The app on the child’s phone is also quite functional: they can check where they are, send their location to their parents manually, and can see where their parent who set up the app is. There’s also a flashlight function I’m case of emergencies.

There are also a variety of automated features to help make tracking easier, with the ability to send out updates at periodic intervals automatically, to set up geo-fences and specific locations that will trigger alerts. While some of these features require the app to be used on an Android phone specifically, it is possible to check the child’s location using any Google Maps-capable OS, including iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone 7.

Trick or Tracker is a themed version of Iconosys’ Latchkey Kid, Tether Together, and Guards Up services. The app is available right now, with a $4.99 cost for lifetime service. The app will work outside of just Halloween, Iconosys notes. The Trick or Tracker website will be giving away the app and service for free from 8:00am Eastern until the end of the day, as well. For parents who entrust their kids with smartphones, this is a potential solution for keeping an eye on them while letting them go out by themselves on Halloween.

Carter Dotson
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