Diggy’s Adventure Review

Posted by on Oct 27, 2016

Finding dad.

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Flyp Review

Posted by on Aug 31, 2016

Multiple numbers on one phone.

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Diggy’s Adventure Review

Diggy’s Adventure Review

Oct 27, 2016

Diggy’s Adventure is an interesting, self-contained game that might just release the Indian Jones within.

Just maybe.

We do get a simple sliver of backstory; our hero is looking for his father, who has been for a few days while searching for something mysterious. This then gives some initial gameplay goals, which must be met to go further on into the game.

The gameplay is easy to get into; at its core, it feels like a dungeon crawler, and there is an ever-refreshing list of items that must be located and collected to open up newer portals. Using tap controls, our main character can be guided towards the unit block paths. Some blocks can be dissolved by contact for the goodies within, while some are immovable. The amount of energy is limited though, so you have to be judicious with what one does with this resource.

As the game goes on, the obstacles get trickier… stuff like levered bridges, rollable boulders and the like start to appear, and these up the puzzle factor. Through it all, you get funny folks to talk to, and goodies to discover. Also, the developer promises new content on a weekly basis.


When it comes to the visuals, it does a good job of keeping the game’s premise: dungeon exploration. It works well in 2D, and utilizes hidden caverns and passages well, with light being the most important resource. It doesn’t get too complex, but is still able to convey the gameplay, even by avoiding being overly whimsical. The animations are useful

The game does a decent job of keeping one’s attention; the items that need to be found, plus the interactions and the evolving puzzles combine well together, and actually create a tangible tale that draws one in to get to the end of.

NBA 2K17 Review

NBA 2K17 Review

Oct 26, 2016

I cut my gaming teeth playing basketball games on consoles; I really loved my original Playstation. As mobile games take root, it only makes sense that we’d start to see better versions come to smartdevices. Scaling concerns aside, more powerful devices mean more games.

NBA 2K burst on the scene a while ago, and has a pretty good rep with basketball gamers. NBA 2K17, its latest mobile offering, looks to bring the best of NBA simulation to a mobile device near you.

The very first step is to create a character — MYPLAYER — using the built-in template. It is interestingly complex, allowing one to pick from various minutiae, from “lip protrusion” to nose shape.

Then, one learns the basics of attack and defense via the help of an interactive tutorial. Shooting, stealing, blocking, setting picks and the like are all shown.

After all the cosmetics are done, there are a few modes one can get into: Blacktop (for streetball feens), Season (which allows one to go through a singular NBA campaign of adjustable length), Career (take on the game over several seasons), or one can just pick a team to play as and another to play against in Quick Game.


In action, the graphics are not bad. Specifically, the animations look great, and the NBA players we know and love are reflected really well, down to their unique mannerisms. KD’s lanky fall away jumper, for instance, looks like, well, the real KD’s jumper.

It is a rich presentation, bringing the best of a vaunted franchise to mobile — again. It is easy to get into, and the various modes allow it to really be as close to console modes as size would allow. The intro customization element is quite becoming, and the control mechanism is simple enough to become second nature.

Now, the in-game transitions can be somewhat monotonous, and I personally would prefer a more “natural” switch-off system defensively, but when it’s all said and done, it is hard to find a better basketball/NBA simulation game on mobile.

Roll your dice on a whole new platform, Game of Dice is now available on Facebook Gameroom

Fans of Game of Dice, get ready to experience the game in a whole new way following its launch on Facebook Gameroom.

In case you’re not familiar with it, Facebook Gameroom is a new platform which delivers a Windows PC experience to your favourite mobile games.


Not only can you enjoy enhanced graphics, but you’ll also get the benefit of Facebook Gameroom’s brilliant network connection without any loss of features.

In case you’re already playing the mobile version of Game of Dice you can get in on the Gameroom gaming experience simply by logging in to Facebook on your mobile device too.

JoyCity, the South Korean developers behind Game of Dice, are also running a very special launching event that will reward 100 winners with 100 gems. Not only that, but a further 30 lucky players will receive not just the gems but also a ★6 Skill card.

To give yourself a chance of winning these fantastic in-game items you simply have to post a screenshot of the game on your Facebook feed plus a comment about your experience of playing Game of Dice on Facebook Gameroom.

So if it’s a new experience you’re after, head over to Facebook Gameroom and check out Game of Dice right now.

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Kill Shot Bravo gets Zombies and More via Halloween Update

Kill Shot Bravo gets Zombies and More via Halloween Update

Oct 25, 2016

Hothead Games is giving fans of its action first-person shooter Kill Shot Bravo a chance to further immerse themselves in the Halloween spirit with an update that’s heavy on the spook factor.

This one packs a lot.

First, players now get the undead. Yep… zombies, and per the presser, these zombies should be some of the realest monsters around. Then there are specially themed weapons; things like sniper guns, rifles, bullets all skinned with iconic scare content.

The seasonal skins extend to the gear: zombie-themed skins coupled with skeleton gear and the like. There are new regions and new Halloween events.

We certainly enjoyed this game when we took it for a spin last year; the sniping mechanism did earn our praise.

Kill Shot Bravo remains free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play.

Paracable Micro USB Cable: the Last Charging Accessory You Might Buy

Paracable Micro USB Cable: the Last Charging Accessory You Might Buy

Oct 25, 2016

Even with the diversity of Android — some might say “chaos” — there is one enduring principle: standardization of peripherals. It’s comforting to know that when it’s all said and done, the micro USB cable that I use for my tablets, portable chargers, bluetooth keyboard, wireless speakers, etc can be used on my main device. incoming standard USB C notwithstanding, micro USB rules the roost.

Mobile device batteries are getting better by the cycle, but we still are only as good as our last charge, so at home and on the road, a good, sturdy cable is a must-have. Yes, cables can be had for next to nothing, but for the most part, you get what you pay for.

So, is it worth investing in Paracable Micro USB Cable? Let’s see.

The review pieces Paracable sent us reflect two versions of its retail offerings; we got to check out a 5-ft “Continuum” cable and a 3-ft “Magma” one. Both show the attention to design; charging cable housed in fabric with aluminum tipped ends. The fabric is brightly set, and almost makes the cable seem like a true accessory rather than a tool.


But more about that fabric. If you guessed that the brand name sorta-kinda references parachute-inspired paracord, you deserve a salute. Yes, this derives from lightweight nylon rope that has seen time in space; it a tough bit of tech. In practice, it gives the cable a tangible toughness, but with a reasonable degree of give, such that there is no stretch, but it is flexible enough to not be brittle.

As a charging conduit, these cables have two features that make them especially desirable: they are Qualcomm Quick Charge compatible, and they can output 2 amps; in real life, they do actually do the deed. Thus, most of the current flagships should be well served by this batch of cables.

When it’s all said and done, these go along way in their quest to be the last cables one needs to buy; at just under $18 for the 5-ft version (and under $16 for the 3.2 foot version), they are an investment, but if they last nearly as long as one hopes, they just might be worth it.

And yes, they make certified iOS cable too, if you’re into that sort of thing. Ha.

SkillTwins Football Game Review

SkillTwins Football Game Review

Oct 25, 2016

You don’t need to be an unabashed, bleary-eyed, hoarse-throated football (soccer) feen to enjoy the skilled sibling duo known the SkillTwins. You don’t really even need to like sports to be entranced by their otherworldly ball mastery, timing and synchronicity. Whether playing competitively or doing a choreographed routine, you invariably end the viewing thinking on one should be able to do the things those boys do with their feet.

And yes, I definitely am an unabashed, bleary-eyed, hoarse-throated football feen.

It’s especially cool to see a mobile game fashioned after the twins: SkillTwins Football Game allows those of us with somewhat less formidable ball control an opportunity to be SkillTwins, one handheld moment at a time.

Of course, the first thing to really see are the graphics. It is a bright, colorful affair, one that invokes summertime outdoors, with plenty of simulated effects. The animations are really what make the game tick, especially when one considers he subject matter: intricate ball moves. The footwork translates to onscreen poetry, insanely crazy put seemingly realistic.


The game employs different scenes, and the soccer-ish tools (mannequins, cones, etc) come across well. The little extras, like celebrations and celbratory flashes, add a bit of fun that help the game visuals.

The gameplay boils down to a leveled set of challenges; as to be expected, the action increases in difficulty as one goes on. the controls were a bit tricky, but the core idea is to follow the arrows, do tricks for bonuses, and finish with flair. he range, obstacles and end targets do get creative.

All in all, it is an engaging diversion, bringing soccer skills performance to a simple, doable level. The control mechanism feels a bit wonky at first, but as one progresses, it all begins to make sense, and the leveled presentation allows the game to be consumed at a reasonable pace.

Dream Catchers: The Beginning is on Sale for Limited Time

Dream Catchers: The Beginning is on Sale for Limited Time

Oct 24, 2016

G5 is no stranger to making some fun games… or providing them for free and/or at steep discounts. Now, Dream Catchers: The Beginning is on sale on Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.

Dream Catchers: The Beginning tells the eerily spooky story of Mia, a prep school teacher, and her brother, who sets out to find out what happened to her and the students she teaches.

In a story that is reminiscent of The Sleeping Beauty, the player looks to pick up clues, solve puzzles and find out why the ladies cannot be roused.

Ah… the perfect Halloween pastime?

The game comprises of 2 worlds, 12, mini-games, 77 levels, and also has achievements and can be played across Android devices via Google Play Game Services.

The game usually costs $4.99, but for a limited time, the full, unlocked game can be had for $0.99. You can’t tarry though; this price lasts only until October 30th. yes, the sale is also available on the iOS App Store.

Bridge Constructor Gets Limited-Time Halloween Update

Bridge Constructor Gets Limited-Time Halloween Update

Oct 24, 2016

Popular cross-platform construction simulation game Bridge Constructor is getting in on the Halloween spirit with a free update that is available now.

The new build brings five whole new “spooky and eerily exciting” levels to Pumpkinidad Island. Additionally, it introduces a new vehicle — Coach of the Dead — which is the heaviest auto that needs to be gotten over the constructed bridges.

Per the press release:

Seeing as it’s Halloween, we can’t go without some haunted castles, bats and cemeteries. Build bridges over seemingly endless valleys in the deepest, foggiest night, with a full moon hanging above. Make sure to build them strong enough for the heavy Coach of the Dead to be able to get across.

We certainly enjoyed Bridge Constructor when we took a look at it way back when.

Bridge Constructor is available for $1.99 (plus optional micro-transactions) on Google Play. Hurry, because this update won’t be available forever!


[Via Headup Press Release]

[Our Bridge Constructor Review]

Rodeo Stampede’s “Outback” Update is Here

Rodeo Stampede’s “Outback” Update is Here

Oct 24, 2016

Featherweight and Yodo1’s popular game Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari is getting an update that is available now.

The refreshed build — dubbed the Outback Update — brings a whole new area to explore. The new area even packs in fire hazards which the player has to look to avoid.

Per the presser, the new area also brings in 49 new animals that can be ridden and collected, and we hear that Australia’s very own boogey animal, the drop bear, is one of them. Additionally, there are some fun Halloween-themed tweaks thrown in for good measure.


We certainly enjoyed Rodeo Stampede when we took it for a spin; it remains free (with optional in-app purchases) on the Play Store.

The new trailer is below:

[Our Rodeo Stampede Review]

Parallyzed Review

Parallyzed Review

Oct 21, 2016

Ah, you think you’re quick? Like a challenge? Parallyzed might be just the mobile tonic you need.

The developer is kind enough to give us some backstory… two sisters (Red and Blue), twins no less, similar on the outside, but with different personalities. Seemingly close, but in a momentary fit of madness, Red severely injured her sister by throwing her off a swing.

Devastated by grief and remorse, Red then focuses on reviving her sister from the resultant coma by using her new resolved ability to inhabit her sister’s mind.

In gaming terms, this translates to a dual (parallel) platform adventure, with two figures running left to right, gravity being discounted on the one. One sister is blue, one is red, and so the caper begins.

Visually, it is a simple affair, with dark colors holding sway. It plays in landscape, with about half the screen allocated to the running path of each sister. The animations are smooth, and the dark hues measured against the occasional deliberate splotches of color make for a nice contrast.


The intro tutorial run helps one get acquainted with the controls and gameplay; the first thing one learns is how to swap the sisters. there are several reasons to do this; one is to make it through a matching color bubble. Also, the sisters are of different heights, so an obstacle might me navigated easier b, say, the shorter sister. To be clearer, tapping on the one side of the screen accomplishes this swap.

Then, one learns how to jump by tapping on the left side of the screen. This is useful for, well, leaping over obstacles. Using both controls allows one to try to make way to the end of the runs. Then, it’s on to the next (harder) level.

There are goodies to collect, achievements to unlock, and the game mostly comes together quite well.

Get a preview of Oceans & Empires now, only on Android

Developer Joycity have just launched a preview build of its aquatic empire builder Oceans & Empires – and it’s available exclusively for Android devices.


The game tasks you with dominating the oceans by building an impenetrable island base and assembling a fearsome fleet of ships – and you must do this by battling, trading, and building alliances with other players online.

A hugely ambitious title boasting 60 cities to visit, a fully functioning economy (that fluctuates depending on the demand for certain items), and mesmerising real-time battles – Oceans & Empires looks to be one of the most detailed and in-depth mobile titles ever made.

It’s amazingly easy to check out the preview build too – all you have to do is search for “Oceans & Empires” on Google Play and you can’t miss it. Download this version of the game and you’ll even get your own special in-game item package.


If you’re interested in dominating the ocean waves act fast though – the preview build is only available until midnight PDT on the 28th of October (so that’s 8am on the 29th for those in the UK).

Oceans & Empires launching worldwide on Android and iOS soon, and you can stay up to date on all the latest developments with the game via its official Facebook page here.

You can download the preview version of Oceans & Empires right now on Google Play.

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Samsung Kids Subscription Service Adds iHeartRadio Family

Samsung Kids Subscription Service Adds iHeartRadio Family

Oct 20, 2016

Samsung Kids, a family-oriented, kid-facing subscription service geared towards underscoring U.S. Common Core standards along with STEM education, is adding new content.

Now, subscribers will have access to iHeartRadio’s kid-friendly stations.

According to the press release, Samsung Kids now includes kid-friendly stations like iHeartRadio Top 40 Countdown, iHeartCountry Family, Radio Disney Junior, the Alli Simpson Show, Kids Club Radio, Acoustic Time Out, Sing Alongs Radio, Kids Pop Radio and Lullabies Radio.

The app is especially designed to ensure that young people can easily navigate through it; besides the fun interface, it also includes parental controls to help parents manage what their children consume.

Samsung Kids comes stock on specific devices, and is also available for download on the Play Store and the Samsung-specific Galaxy Apps store. As noted, it is a subscription service.


[via Samsung Press Release]

Groove Planet Gets New Music, Boss Fights and More

Groove Planet Gets New Music, Boss Fights and More

Oct 20, 2016

Innovative music game Groove Planet is getting an update, courtesy of Animoca.

This update brings a bunch; we get new tracks, rhythm patterns and boss fights.

Per the presser:

BOSS FIGHTS: attacked by hostile alien motherships! Repel the assault using the power of YOUR music! Tap to the rhythm to fire a laser barrage at the mothership. Boost your firepower by using a song in a particular key or by tapping in special patterns. Unlock Boss Fights when you build a Microphone on your planetoid.

RHYTHM PATTERNS: 20 patterns will turn you into the ultimate rhythm master! Earn rewards by tapping harder/softer or faster/slower as required by the pattern you are following! Unlock Beat Patterns when you build a MIDI Controller on your planetoid.

The game remains free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play. Check out the new trailer:

Ubisoft Launches Movie-Based ‘Trolls: Crazy Party Forest!’ on Google Play

Ubisoft Launches Movie-Based ‘Trolls: Crazy Party Forest!’ on Google Play

Oct 20, 2016

Trolls is an upcoming DreamWorks animated movie, and now — as is becoming commonplace — we get to play with a companion game based on the movie. This one is called Trolls: Crazy Party Forest! and is being brought to market by Ubisoft.

This one allows players to create their own individual Troll villages, with interesting food crops and the like. There are movie elements to interact with and stuff to unlock.

One can also throw parties so as to recruit more creatures to one’s village; it also allows for play between friends.

Ubisoft Mobile Executive Director Michel Detoc doesn’t hide the team’s excitement with regards to working with DreamWorks.“Our team has been incredibly enthused to work with DreamWorks Animation on such an entertaining property,” he says. “We wanted to create a gaming experience that would immerse audiences into a colorful vibrant world where Troll happiness keeps the village alive, and feels entirely authentic to the IP. Each aspect of the game has been designed for players to enjoy ‘Trolltastic’ elements from crazy hair, amazing Troll talents and many possibilities to host unique themed-parties!”

Trolls: Crazy Party Forest! is available for free (with in-app purchases); check out the trailer:

Prepare yourself for an epic fantasy like no other in Arcane Online

A fearless hero is needed to save Eldine, where the balance of power between humans and spirits has been disrupted – are you up for the challenge?

Then don’t waste another second – download Arcane Online, the heroic free-to-play Online RPG built from the ground up for mobile.

Arcane Online is the latest release on Android and iOS from Japanese publisher Gala Inc, and offers the kinds of features and gameplay mechanics you might usually only expect from a desktop MMO.


So get ready to lose yourself in a vast open world of dark fantasy and magic, where evil creatures will put your courage and skills to the test.

Pick your perfect hero from a choice of a mighty warrior, a divine shaman, or a powerful mage – which you can fully customise by collecting up to 30 Avatar Cards. Not only that but you can also traverse Eldine with speed and style by collecting, feeding, and evolving your very own unique mounts.

If you ever get tired of fighting the good fight on your own you can even join a party of up to 3 other players for a range of PvE dungeons.


Your efforts won’t go unnoticed neither, because by completing the in-game achievements you’ll gain rewards – and you can also visit the Abyss to collect treasure chests that are bursting with rubies and gold.

All this no doubt sounds pretty good, so be sure to check out Arcane Online – available to download now from the App Store and Google Play.

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Popup Widget 3 Gets Material Design via Update

Popup Widget 3 Gets Material Design via Update

Oct 19, 2016

Popular customization utility Popup Widget 3 (from ChYK) is getting an update that’s rolling out now.

One of the major new features adoption of Material Design; this allows the application to more naturally fit within Google’s design principles.

It also adds a new pop-up feature and new gesture option.

The full changelog can be found on Google Play; Popup Widget 3 costs $1.50.