Abduction! World Attack Review

Abduction! World Attack Review

Sep 17, 2010

Psym Mobile must have been thinking that picking a name like “Abduction! World Attack!” would be a great way to drum up attention for a their game, and it must have worked, because it’s one of the best selling games in the Android market. Unfortunately, an exciting name alone can not cover its weaknesses.

Abduction! World Attack! is a “keep-your-character-jumping-from-one-platform-to-another-using-the-accelerometer” type of game. It’s basically a dead horse genre. Games with the exact same gameplay include the likes of Doodle-Jump, Papi-Jump, Extreme-Droid-Jump, and Hyper-Jump. And that’s just off the top of my head.

Gameplay is as should be expected with this type of game, with few surprises. Tipping your phone to the right and left will control the jumping of your character from platform to platform, as it apparently tries to get to the UFO that’s kidnapped your fellow-farm-animal-friends. Completing each level, aided with power-ups along the way, gives you more platforms and higher jumps. Unlike other platform-jumping games, Abduction! World Attack! has a finish line. Reaching the UFO ends each level, which is a pleasant change from the other games in the genre, which have never-endingly-high levels. Replay value is moderate, with unlockable characters, and gameplay modes. Unfortunately, the gameplay itself grows somewhat tiresome after more than an hour of playing.

Despite all of this, the game is not very large. I played through the entire “adventure” mode in about 25 minutes. “Versus CPU” pits you against a CPU-controlled character in a race to the top. This the graphics are cartoonish, but kind of boring.

This game has cute, cartoonish graphics, but I wasn’t wowed by the visuals. These would have been pretty good a year ago, but have since been passed by games like Hyper Jump. The price is also fairly steep for a game with such a worn-out genre. Charging a little over $2 is a bit much. I have no doubt that Psym is seeing quite a few returns of this game within the 24-hour trial period, because users can not only play through, but grow tired of this game, in a few short hours.

Abduction! World Attack Review Rundown

Presentation - Straight forward, simple UI, easy to learn.
Graphics - The hottest graphics... 2 years ago could offer.
Sound - IS there sound? I don't think there is.
Gameplay - Simple to learn, but very short-lived.
Overall - Gameplay gets boring, fast. Not engaging enough for the price.

App available on the Google Play Store »

Demo version is also available on the Google Play Store »

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