Agent Alice Review

Agent Alice Review

Jun 5, 2015

A hidden object mystery game with hidden talents? Sure, Agent Alice… sure.

The artwork is what defines the game, and this makes use of a lot of still art in the form of cutscenes to carry along the dialogue. There is a lot animation, but not so much as to distract from the gameplay, and the developer uses color to get the scenery across. The find-it artwork is nice, and makes use of shadows and perspective quite capably.

As for the backstory, the game is titled after our heroine, Detective Alice Wallace; she stumbles headlong into a mysterious series of events which involve more than a few corpses and a heavy dose of the creepy supernatural. There is weird presence hellbent on capturing actresses, unnerving love triangles and the knowing government agency in the background.

As a hidden mystery adventure, most folks will have an idea how it works. Playing as Alice, we get to survey stills with random objects set in them; there is a list at the top of the screen, and when one finds an object listed, one taps it to register it, and so on, till all the objects have been found, and whatever special clues registered. When a level is found, a performance quotient is applied (based on speed, accuracy, etc) and points are awarded. If one gets stuck, there are exhaustible hints that can help with finding a particularly well-hidden item.

In a nutshell, the game is a series of the above; one scene leads to another and so on. The developer does do a good job of wrapping the core in layers of game logic.


To explain, the game employs an energy requirement; energy is required to do basic tasks like searching and interviewing; energy units are continually replenished up to the max amount, and when it (energy) is completely depleted, one has to wait for it to regenerate… or use real cash. Energy can be gained as an reward for completing other tasks. There are other pieces to this (gems, game money, etc) but they all revolve around the same concept. Now, I do dislike energy requirements, but I have to admit that the implementation in this game does not feel too bothersome.

My favorite aspect is the unending gameplay. The developer sees fit to toss in strand of CYOA; they are brief, and don’t seem too deterministic, but they do help the player feel like they have some control over outcomes. New chapters are added periodically too, so the game can get a bit addictive.

All in all, it is a bit different from your average hidden mystery game; Agent Alice shows character and depth, and that’s why it can be fantastic in the right hands. It’s not just game; it’s a great story.

Agent Alice Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Artwork is nicely done; sound is interesting.
Controls - Mostly taps to identify and "collect."
Gameplay - An interesting fable wrapped in a hidden object facade.
Replay Value - Quite addictive; salute to weekly updates!
Overall - An all-rounder that is surprisingly fun to get into.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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