Airport Mania Review

Airport Mania Review

Apr 20, 2011

Airport Mania has quickly become one of my favorite games on Android. Between the intense strategy of trying to keep everything running smoothly to the fun visuals and catchy music, it’s just really hitting on all the main points that make a game fun. I’m having a hard time putting it down.

Although the game shares a similar theme to Flight Control, where the goal is to land various aircraft at a busy airport, the similarities end there. Airport Mania is less about managing flight paths and more about managing an entire airport. You touch aircraft to select them, then simply touch the points on the screen where you want them to go. You tell them where to land while managing parking stalls, refueling stations, maintenance hangars and keeping the runway clear. Meanwhile, you are trying to upgrade buildings so that all of this happens quickly enough to keep passengers from waiting too long for their trips to commence. It gets very hectic.

Besides merely making sure that aircraft are landing and departing on time, you’re also trying to match the color of aircraft to the color of a terminal. For example, sending two blue planes to a blue terminal gives you a score multiplier. Likewise, if you can keep a certain number of planes landing or taking off from the same runway, you also build up a score multiplier. Get a high enough score and you get 3 stars, meaning you played a perfect level. If you can get 3 stars on every level, you’ll have played a perfect game.

Another neat aspect to the game is upgrading your terminals so that they can service planes faster. The sooner a plane can get passengers on and off, the sooner it’ll be off the tarmac, making room for more planes. The more time a plane spends sitting around leads to discontent. Eventually, planes will either turn away or become less friendly towards your airport, so it’s very important to keep things moving as smoothly as possible. You can do this by adding in-flight movies and parking stalls. You also have access to a facility that will paint a plane a different color, allowing you to keep the combo going on certain colored terminals. It all adds up, so being as efficient as possible is very important.

I really don’t have anything to complain about Airport Mania. As the levels progress, the difficulty ramps up quite a bit, but it all comes down to how well you can keep things moving along so that the facilities aren’t jammed when new aircraft arrive. It’s a fun game that keeps you on your toes, and with 48 levels across 8 airports, you’ll have a lot to do. There are also awards to unlock, extra planes to purchase and other hidden items for you to find. It’s quite an entertaining experience that’s kept me coming back for more, trying again and again to get all three stars on every level. I highly recommend it.

Airport Mania Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Cartoony, cute graphics and catchy background music. I love the extra attention to detail by using the sounds you would associate with flying. For example, the "ding" sound when a "fasten seatbelts" sign comes on in the cabin of a plane.
Controls - Even at the busiest moments in the game, with planes running back and forth, selecting the planes and other objects worked very well. I almost never selected something I didn't mean to.
Gameplay - Perfect mix of strategy and action. Half the game is just trying to keep the planes matched with the same color gates to build huge combos while fulfilling other requests. Intense, but fun.
Replay Value - Trying to get three stars on every level is a huge accomplishment, especially when you have 48 levels across 8 different airports. Plus, awards, planes and other secrets... There's plenty to keep you playing for a good while.
Overall - Great, fun game that really kept me on my toes and coming back for more. Kids are sure to love the cute graphics while adults will find plenty of strategy to keep them engrossed in the gameplay. This one was real hard to put down.

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Demo version is also available on the Google Play Store »

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