Alpha Wolf Review

Alpha Wolf Review

Feb 27, 2016

We all have it, no?

The spirit of a wolf, and the need to be wild and free, right?

Needless intros aside, Alpha Wolf feels like a game one can come to like a lot. Maybe even love.

The game is presented in 2D, with enjoyably simplistic artwork that is bathed in soft colors and deliberate characterizations. There is not a lot of complexity with regards to items, and understandably so; when one begins to play, one finds the objects are mostly secondary to the gameplay. 

It’s broken into chapters, and the chapters are split into levels, with the completion of levels and chapters opening up subsequent ones. The opening level highlights the main element: get the protagonist wolf from left to right to complete the level.

Thing is, there are several obstacles in the way that have a mind to do our wolf harm and end the run by contact.


To avoid said contact, one can tap to cause the wolf to move forwards, and then tap to jump over obstacles. Simple enough, no? The issue then becomes a single jump is not enough; as one progresses, a series of jumps may be needed to make it to the end, over a sequence of obstacles. Then, timing becomes an issue, as one needs to pop up at just the right moment. Soon, it becomes a twitch experience, with quick reflexes being almost as important as timing.

The developer adds other pieces and several type of obstacles, and even adds obstacles that protrude from the ceiling. It all is easy to get into, and it is quite easy to get lost in the game.

While the game is quite the hoot, it does get a bit repetitive in places; it ratchets up fairly quickly, and as a result, sometimes feels simplistic with regards to the use of new elements. 

Still, for a leveled time waster, Alpha Wolf definitely merits a try; it might surprise one with how easy it is to, well, just keep on going… and going…

Alpha Wolf Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Fun, unassuming looks that help gameplay along.
Controls - Intuitive tap to jump.
Gameplay - Simple, platformer-based puzzler.
Replay Value - Fairly engaging.
Overall - A game that is scarily easy to get into.
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