Angry Birds Go! Review

Angry Birds Go! Review

Dec 12, 2013

That’s it, Angry Birds are now clearly becoming the Mario Bros. of mobile gaming. They started with a very simple game, and a very unusual premise, then made a bazillion sequels and spinoffs, and now they’ve made Mario Kart. Okay, the quality and cultural heritage are not exactly the same, but you can definitely see correlation. Although I may get stoned for saying this, but gameplay-wise, Angry Birds Go! isn’t that different from the blue-shelled destroyer of friendships. It does lack that party charm, however, since its multiplayer mode is lacking. There isn’t one, to be precise. Or if there is, it’s hidden deep underneath a single player campaign. Not implying that the campaign itself is bad, of course.

The gameplay doesn’t hold any surprises for people who’ve already played any racing games on a small screen. After choosing the car, the player needs to race across many different tracks and beat many different challenges, unlocking new cars and tracks in the process. The most interesting part of Angry Birds Go! is an impressive number or different modes and tasks that the player needs to participate in. There’s standard beating the opponents, fruit-collecting, timer-beating, and more. Completing tracks grants a cash reward that can be spent on upgrading the cart, and grants access to the new levels. The tracks themselves are relatively short, but exciting, and even have shortcuts.

The cart is controlled either by tilting the device, or by pressing arrows on the sides. There’s also a superpower, different for Angry Birds Go! 4every driver, that can be activated by pressing the special button. Speaking of which, there are different drivers available, and while I liked this idea, every driver can only participate in five races, before having to rest for an entire hour to replenish his strength, effectively limiting the time the player can play per session. Of course, you won’t have this problem if you are ready to spend your actual money on the game. I guess, it’s a normal price to pay for a free-to-play racing game of high quality like this, but still, it’s quite annoying.

Overall, Angry Birds Go! left a pleasant feeling for me. It’s not much different from other free-to-play racers, but its great graphics, and exciting, polished gameplay more than make up for the fact that you can only play for about fifteen minutes, before being forced to take a break.

Angry Birds Go! Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Pretty impressive (and demanding) for such a casual game.
Controls - Two arrows, or tilting - nothing difficult
Gameplay - Nothing original, but it's really good.
Replay Value - If not for the damn racer fatigue, I'd probably still play it.
Overall - If not for free-to-play issues, it just might have been among the best racing games I've played this year.

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