Army Helicopter – Relief Cargo Review

Army Helicopter – Relief Cargo Review

Aug 13, 2015

Army Helicopter – Relief Cargo is a game that makes heroes out of players.

It’s a simple game, really, so the lack of any pointers probably shouldn’t hurt it in the eyes of prospective players too much. The first scene runs right into it; one uses a truck to load a heavy duty chopper with gear, and there is a bit of skill required to direct the truck in there, what with virtual steering wheel, brakes, gas and gearbox. In addition, one has a time limit to contend with, so errors can be costly.

The end game, at first, is to get the trucks in position. As this is the first level, it is easy enough. Next, one gets a bank of controls and a new task: get the helicopter from the home pad to a way point some distance away. This part is trickier, and the lack of instructions does jar a teeny bit, especially as this portion is timed as well, but it isn’t too hard to feel one’s way through it. If one makes it through in time, the next level is opened up, which is to offload the chopper. Quickly.

So on and so forth, with the tasks getting tougher as the game progresses.


For a simple game, it does have its charms. A chopper game without weapons? Quite the opposite here, and that is pretty cool. The simple leveling makes sense, as do the progressions.

The visuals seem to hold the game back a bit. There are some graphical idiosyncracies that make it a bit tough to get into, such as an interesting sky cover. The controls feel a bit muted in the flying sections. And while I’m loathe to complain about developers monetizing, I do wish there was a way to turn off the ads, which pop off before the game begins.

In a word though, there’s much more good than bad, and this is a game that feels like it still has more to attain to.

Army Helicopter – Relief Cargo Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - A bit stilted visually.
Controls - Smooth in parts, a bit tough in others.
Gameplay - Simple but fun; the time trials just work.
Replay Value - Surprisingly addictive.
Overall - A game with a lot of promise.

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