Asphalt Overdrive Review

Asphalt Overdrive Review

Oct 2, 2014

When I think of the name Asphalt, I think of a fine Need for Speed like racing experience of mobile phones. Asphalt Overdrive offers some of the same experience, only in small, repetitive packages.

Asphalt Overdrive is an endless runner type of game, meaning that, in this case, the car on screen drives itself forward – the only way to go. Overdrive isn’t the typical Asphalt game in a sense that it offers exciting races, but it does a lot that the series is known for. Those graphics are just to damned slick and the way the game controls… Man, it just couldn’t be any better than this. Even the music isn’t as irritating as most games – in fact, it’s pretty good electro music on its own.


So yeah, presentation wise, this game is awesome – that eighties style and feeling really suits the game. Gameplay wise, there is a lot to do. You can compete in different kinds of challanges, among racing away from the cops or getting as much points as possible while doing stunts. In a way, Asphalt Overdrive feels like an authentic Asphalt experience, but the developer has chosen to put that experience in to small dosages of fun. And it works, because of the genre of the game.

But because it is a free endless runner, you can’t run from certain necessities. Like the system the game is based on. You can not play the game for as much as you like, and you will run out of energy that is needed to play the game. Yes, you can buy more energy, but it will cost you real-life money. Asphalt Overdrive has another paywall like layer on top of it and I got quite sick of it – but, in all honesty, that second layer isn’t that much present as the first one, but it’s irritating nonetheless.

So if you’re not bothered by the fact you are restricted in the amount of time you may play (and don’t mind the game make push notifications to alert you that you’re energy is refilled), you can enjoy a solid race game, with excellent audiovisual appeal. One of the best there is to play.

Asphalt Overdrive Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - So slick, so eighties.
Controls - These controls are tight.
Gameplay - It Asphalt gameplay wrapt in small packages.
Replay Value - The waiting system is real irritating.
Overall - Asphalt Overdrive is fun and exciting, except for that energy bar.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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