Banana Kong Review

Banana Kong Review

Dec 6, 2013

In Banana Kong, the players can learn an important lesson: eventually, your possessions and greed turn on you. And the more things you get, the harder they will fall on your head, and no matter how long you run, they will eventually bury you. Unless you have a hog you can ride on. This is where the analogy kind of falls apart for me.

Banana Kong is a standard platformer, where t has to run rightward from an advancing avalanche of banana peels, jumping up and down, and gliding away from obstacles, and towards cash/power-ups. Bananas are a natural replacement for coins in Banana Kong, and they serve two functions. Of course, they act as money, with various upgrades, per-run power-ups, and outfits being available from an in-game store – but they also fill a gauge on the upper left angle of the screen. When it fills up, the protagonist can perform a fast dash forward that pushes him through any obstacles or dangers, and gives a leg up against the banana-launch. It’s a simple addition, but when used properly, can be a serious help in the most dire of situations. The level in Banana Kong is actually divided into four layers. The basic, jungles, and three sub-levels that can be accessed by performing banana dash in the correct places. For example, there is an underground level, in which the aforementioned hog can be found. It can smash through any obstacles and give bonus bananas for it. Each level has its own interesting mechanics, design, and hazards, branching the basic gameplay in different directions.Banana Kong 3

Banana Kong is a great infinite runner – and I don’t think I should say anything beyond that. It’s not very unique, and every mechanic that it offers, I’ve already seen in other runners. That said, its quality is above great. Everything works flawlessly, and the whole game feels like a consistent, flawlessly executed ride. Maybe it’s not as graphically awesome as Temple Run, but it still has high-quality, colorful graphics that are a notch above all the usual 2D games. So, if you aren’t sick of infinite runners just yet, it’s a finely done jungle adventure. By the way, the ads are annoying, but pressing the “back” key removes one immediately.

Banana Kong Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Bright, sharp, and cartoony.
Controls - Swiping should be performed very quickly, but otherwise all is fine.
Gameplay - Not very original, but varied and excellently executed.
Replay Value - It can grip for a while.
Overall - Again, it's not very original, but it's damn well done.

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