Beholder Review

Beholder Review

May 31, 2017

If there’s one thing that makes everybody cringe, it the concept of Big Brother. Let me get free services, and give me access to the internet, but please, don’t mess with my privacy.

Tongue in cheek statements aside, Beholder is a bit spooky, no?

The game comes with two difficulty levels: “Government Elite” promises to be the way the game is meant to be played, with difficult choices and the like; on the other hand, on might want to wuss out and get his/her toes wet in “Trainee” mode, which has more bountiful awards and cheaper acquisitions.

The game then starts with an ominous communication invoking no need to sleep and encouraging you, the player, to begin to do the nasty deed of spying on tenants in a building you manage.

Creepy, no? The game intro allows players to acquaint themselves with the general aesthetic, and the dark presentation and eerie sounds are quite foreboding.

The gameplay is not hard to get into at all; tapping on folks and object leads to interactions of different sorts, and these interactions will then lead t choices. It’s the selection of these choices that create the environment that Beholder tries to thrive in.


For instance, near the beginning, the players character has to decide whether he needs some pointers with regards to figuring out how to run surveillance on the tenants. Yes? You get the tutorial. Picking no makes you figure it out yourself.

Completing tasks earns money and/or reputation points. The latter is an interesting game currency, in that they can be used to persuade others to do something favorable to your cause, and also reflect the players standing.

It all makes for a compelling adventure, allowing players to be all they can be… or not. In the end, it’s greatest attribute is that it might actually allow folks to forget it’s just a “game.”

Oh dear…

Beholder Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Atypical art adds to the dark feel.
Controls - Intuitive actions.
Gameplay - CYOA elements, with a dash of mystery tossed in.
Replay Value - Very addictive.
Overall - A great concept that actually comes to life very well.

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