Blocks Away Review

Blocks Away Review

Sep 3, 2013

I start to think that the classic arcades like Tetris and Breakout and such, aren’t actually as fun as they seem to be. I mean, this is coming from someone who once spent five consecutive hours playing Tetris. I just think that these games are as fun as trying to spin a pen between the fingers. It’s a bit more interesting than doing nothing, and it requires a lot of skills to be perfect at – but it certainly doesn’t count as an exactly outstanding experience. I’m still baffled with the infinitely complex human brain that finds fun in placing, or eliminating blocks together. And that’s precisely the gameplay of Blocks Away. If this game would be any more minimalistic, it would be a flashlight app.

Blocks Away 2In Blocks Away, the player is tasked with removing ever-spawning blocks from the screen, for a minute. The blocks can be removed when there are two or more of them touching together, by tapping on any one of them. The high score is determined by how many blocks are cleared in the time, but the players should be careful so as not to tap on the single blocks. Tapping on them will result in a score penalty, and will render the block completely inert, weighing down the whole level progress. If the game is going good, there are three different power-ups that can help it go even better to beat the score. They can be purchased from the store, using in-game money that are collected via block elimination. Or, of course, spending the real-world money.

Blocks Away definitely suffers from lack of content and different game modes. Perfecting the simple skill of detecting and eliminating the blocks is very interesting, but it would be even more interesting if it varied a bit. Say, I definitely wouldn’t mind against an endless mode of some sort, or some bonus cubes to spawn from time to time. It’s a very minimalistic experience, where beating one’s own high-score is the only driving force behind the gameplay. Still, it’s quite fun, and it’s free, so I don’t see a problem with trying it out, as minimalistic remakes of classic arcades are often fun, and work quite well.

Blocks Away Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - What graphics? Just a bunch of colored blocks.
Controls - There are some occasional misses, but they're quite rare to count.
Gameplay - It'd be great, if it had at least some variety
Replay Value - It does get engaging, as all arcades do.
Overall - It's a nice port of an old arcade. If simplicity wasn't an issue, I'd say it's a great port.

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