Bloons TD 5 Review

Bloons TD 5 Review

Jan 25, 2013

Invasions are generally nasty business, regardless of the invading party. Be it Martians, ants or Decepticons, the invaded party generally frowns upon said occurrence.

Dear friends, it’s time to add balloons to the bully list.

Bloons TD 5 is the next chapter in the tower defense saga that tosses in some new features to an already pretty cool series. The current iteration boasts new structures and new agents, and a lot of the tracks and upgrades folks might already be used to.

The basic principles of tower defense are in play here, as expected: a rogue army of balloons are trying to make it from Point A to Point B, while my group of monkey-ish defenders positioned ourselves to prevent this. After the obligatory freebies, the balloons started getting a bit more difficult to pop. Of course, my fighters had different costs, so a little bit of strategy came into play. I liked that the game engine UI seemed to “adapt” as well, it threw different type of waves at me to effect breaking through the lines. The more I used a type of tower, the easier it was to earn upgrades for it.

Destroying balloons earned me game cash, and also unlocked features. The defenders were upgradeable by tapping and selecting the path that I decided to take.

Props to the types of towers: snipers, glue guns, ninjas, and different types of twoers were fun and added a cool twist to the genre staples. The game hints system helped with usage.

Bloons had five game modes: Easy, Medium and `Hard (which matching cash rewards) as well as Level-specific modes Apopaypse and Deflation.

The game had vivid imagery, and made use of colors quite well. Real cash was definitely not needed, and I felt that the numerous game modes greatly added to the replayability. All in all, Bloons TD 5 continues a great gaming tradition, and is worth a look.

Bloons TD 5 Review Rundown

Graphics/sound - Cool graphics, playful sounds.
Controls - Drag 'n' drop.
Gameplay - New additions to a fun take in a gaming staple.
Replay Value - So many variations, so little time!
Overall - Bloons is more than just a fun diversion.

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